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What Fools They Be

March 30, 2011

If you are expecting to read about cooking here tonight you may be disappointed.

I am very honored to be the recipient of a Versatile Blogger award. I actually think it is more a meme than an award, but since I need something to write about tonight I am not going to quibble. I was awarded this by the Seaside Academy of Blogging (which consists of one member, my fellow blogger Seashell). I am now bound by the laws of the internet to tell you seven random things about me and to pass on this honor to some fifteen other unsuspecting bloggers. I am told that if I break the chain that I will fall and break both my legs, my dog will run away, and all my hair will fall out – at least that is what happened to poor Zebadiah Galsworthy from Paducah, Kentucky. Conversely if I continue the chain then I will find myself married to a beautiful woman, working at a great company and there will be bacon in my future. I already have the first two, but I figure it is worth it just for the bacon.  It’s an honor just to be nominated and I would, of course,  like to thank the Academy.

I am going to cheat and dole out my seven Fun Facts and Versatile Blogger awards over the next week. Really, I am doing you a favor because I got sucked into reading the other 14 of Seashell’s nominated blogs and that killed the better part of an evening.

My first three choices for The Versatile Blogger Award are (drum roll please)…

  • Sunflower Girl – In her own words she is “an aspiring writer and photographer recently unceremoniously released from corporate servitude.” She writes about her boys and her life so poignantly that you almost always end up laughing or crying.
  • The Hook – He truly is versatile and has two blogs that he maintains. In addition to telling what your Bellman is really thinking  (You’ve Been Hooked) he spouts musings on pop culture and comic books over at The Book of the Terrible.
  • Modern Millie – Millie hasn’t picked up her blogging pen since returning from Columbia, but hopefully this will inspire her. At the very least maybe we can coax a picture of a cupcake.

Damn Random Thing About Me: I prefer iced coffee to hot coffee no matter how cold it is outside. You have to sip hot coffee and that just takes too long to get the caffeine into your system. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as iced coffee until my family moved to Japan when I was in high school, but I was an instant convert.

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  1. March 31, 2011 3:57 pm

    P.S. I have at least been keeping up with your blog!

  2. March 31, 2011 3:57 pm

    You called me out! I swear I have several several blogs to post! I will do it soon! I swear! 🙂 Thanks for calling me out though…

    • March 31, 2011 4:06 pm

      No guilt intended. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.

  3. March 31, 2011 10:45 am

    are your iced coffees always that elaborate? no wonder you prefer them to a regular cuppa joe.

    • March 31, 2011 10:48 am

      This was a vacation iced coffee. Your normal everyday iced coffee is not as fancy, but still my preference.

  4. March 31, 2011 8:36 am

    that coffee looks pretty good though….

    • March 31, 2011 8:52 am

      This was an iced mocha from Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. It tasted as good as it looked.

  5. March 31, 2011 6:58 am

    Good idea splitting this post up. I had to write my first one for You’ve Been Hooked with a splitting headache and i still feel wierd leaving certain bloggers out.
    By the way, you’ll be in the Book of Terrible edition – when I write it.

  6. March 31, 2011 6:09 am

    Seaside Academy of Blogging! Too funny! I love it.

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