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Trust Me It Was A Hike

December 4, 2022
We went over to Tom Sawyer’s Island mostly to get pictures for this blog post, but it was great to get away from all of the people.
8.25 miles. 250ft of elevation gain. 3 hours 15 min of “hiking”

Long Weekend, a haiku

December 3, 2022


#celebrating this weekend.

Twenty-nine great years.

The Happiest Place

December 2, 2022

Kira and I have been in California since August of 2020 and we are finally going to visit Disneyland. I have mixed feelings, but that will not stop me from writing this top ten list.

Top 10 Things I Am Going To Do at Disneyland This Weekend

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That’s a Wrap

December 1, 2022

If you have a Spotify Account you are probably going over your own Wrapped and wondering if you really did listen to 22,780 minutes of music last year (that’s about 16 days spent listening to music). For me that time is usually also spent cooking. I also sometimes listen to Spotify when I going running, but for longer runs I listen to podcasts instead of music and none of my usual running songs cracked my top 100. I did a bit of research to see if I could pull the data from Spotify whenever I want and not wait for them to send it to me in a psychedelic slide show that only plays on my phone. I think it can be done, but not in time for me to write a blog post about it any time soon. Spotify has a free API, but it is for getting lists of songs and artists, not for my own personal usage data. To get access to the more detailed API I would have to register an App and wait to get approved. Maybe something for another time.

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Staying the Course?

November 30, 2022

The main subject of conversation around here is quitting1 The only problem is that if we quit we’re stranded. We have to pay for Room&Board and our plane ticket from Dutch Harbor to Anchorage($400) when we dock there (about 20 days from now.) Tim is trying to get fired2, but we just read the contract and it wont make any difference. Kira has a birthday in July3 and I’m thinking of buying her a camera because hers isn’t very nice4. Rob and I agree that we can’t really quit, but we both want to desperately.5

– 11 June 90 (Day 11)
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The Rule of Threes

November 29, 2022

Today’s blog will be brought to you in three parts.

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I’m Just Here to Observe the Fish

November 28, 2022

I’m starting to learn things about the crew members.1 Paul, who is fluent in Japanese, was talking to me today.2 he lived in Tokyo for 3 years. I asked him why he would take a job like this. He gave two reasons 1)He’s going to use the money to start his own business3 2) No drugs or alcohol are allowed and he was starting to become involved in them in Los Angeles. I also learned Andy’s4 (a pretty nice guy) reason. He’s in debt – I don’t know what for though5, but he’s paid it off just recently and is earning some of his own money. I think this would make an excellent drug rehab or perhaps a debtors prison6. I’m still thinking of Kira a lot.7

9 June 90 (Day 9)
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Millard Falls

November 27, 2022
You can’t tell the scale here, but these falls are probably over 60ft
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Have I Told You About My 12th Level Wizard?

November 26, 2022

For the last several years I have been escaping reality, a few hours at a time. About twice a month I connect with a group of friends online across three time zones to play the fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. The sessions usually start with a little small talk (“How are the kids?”, “How is work going?”, “Did you see that ludicrous display last night by <local sports team>?”) but we quickly move on to the game and the personas we have created to inhabit a world that at times has had both some dungeons and some dragons. We aren’t strict about staying in character, but we do often refer to people by their character name versus their real name and people will occasionally do a voice for their character. It is what I would call a casual game of D&D that we get serious about sometimes – or perhaps it is a serious game of D&D that we play casually sometimes?

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This Blog Post is Made of Leftovers

November 25, 2022

During the Year of the Blog (2011) I was cooking everyday and by November I was willing to get get fancy with the spices. In his Cookbook Damn Good Food, Mitch Omer encourages chefs to create their own Eggs Benedict variation and I came up with the Thanksgiving Benedict using leftover turkey and stuffing – some years we bought the turkey and stuffing just so we could have this meal the next day.

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