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Sandra’s Guacamole

A couple years ago Kira signed us up for a gathering event at her school’s silent auction. The event was put on by a couple of parents that were going to teach us a few of their recipes. In addition to learning some Thai dishes, including some quite memorable spring rolls we also got a tutorial from a friend of ours on how to make Salsa and Guacamole. Normally I am not a huge fan of homemade salsas – what can I say I like prepackged sodium enriched food – , but this salsa was great and the guacamole was even better. I made the Salsa Roja and the Guacamole the weekend immediately following the gathering and again several times since. This is one of those recipes that really adapts itself to the person making it and I will present it here as I received it – without any concrete measurements. Put the following items in a blender or a food processor and blend until not quite smooth.


  • Start with Salsa Verde and then add:
  • Avocado (1-2)
  • Milk

Salsa Verde

  • Tomatillos
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapeños (1-6 depending on spiciness)
  • Garlic clove
  • Onion, yellow
  • Salt

If you’ve never seen them before (which I hadn’t), tomatillos are small green tomato like things with a papery outer skin that has to be removed. I can find them at Rainbow Foods so they must be fairly popular. I have put in anywhere from two to four tomatillos depending on what I feel like. As far as I can tell they don’t add much flavor, but give some texture to the finished product. The cilantro amount is completely subjective, if you are a fan of cilantro then by all means put in as much you can stomach. I happen to think cilantro is a weed and isn’t really meant to be eaten so I usually just wave the sprigs of cilantro over the top.

Cut the stem off of the jalapeños and toss the whole thing in, seeds and all. If you are a big fan of the spicy then start with two peppers and add more if you think it needs it. If you are not a fan of the spicy then add 1/2 of a pepper and work your way up.

Add Onion, garlic, and salt to taste. As Sandra demonstrated when she was teaching us the recipe, you can’t really add too much salt. We are all so used to the salty flavor of store bought salsa that no matter how much salt you add it will never be that salty.

I usually just add a splash of milk and will sometimes add more if it is too spicy. Too spicy in this household means too spicy for Kira to eat. Melanie and I haven’t had a batch that is too spicy for us.

One cool insider tip that Sandra taught us was to keep a couple of the avocados pits and put them in the container with the guacamole. This will keep the guacamole fresher for a longer period of time. We haven’t really had to test this much since it doesn’t really stay around that long after we make it.


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  1. April 11, 2011 11:42 am

    Lime juice adds a nice touch to Guacamole. Vidalia (Texas Sweet) onions also work well versus yellow cooking onions. Your comment about the cilantro was pretty funny.

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