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New Year’s Benedict

There is a tradition in Italy to eat Cotechino sausage and lentils on New Year’s Eve. After ordering a Cotechino in 2013 and not getting it until a week into 2014 I decided to use these ingredients to make a Benedict out of it. Serves 4.


1 Cotechino sausage, cooked per the instructions on the packaging and then sliced

4 small Lentil Vegetable Loafs (see Recipe)

4 hard-boiled eggs

Tomato-Basil Hollandaise (see Recipe)


Preheat oven to 170º. Prepare stuffing cakes and keep in oven.

Prepare Hollandaise, but do not mix in tomato sauce. cover and keep in a warm place.

Boil eggs.

Place one lentil loaf on the plate and top with slices of Cotechino and slices of hard boiled egg. Smother in tomato basil Hollandaise. Enjoy.


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