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Easy Homemade Ice Cream

I stole this from about three different recipes on the web so I figure it is mine now. It works great for camping if you can keep the half and half cold. Of course you need lots of ice too so it all kind of works together.

Put 6 Tablespoons of Rock salt into a large (gallon size) ziplock bag.

Put 1 Tablespoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of  pure vanilla extract*, and 1/2 a cup of Half and Half in a small ziplock bag. Seal it and put this bag in the bag with the salt.

Add a bunch of ice to the big ziplock – enough to surround the small bag of cream and sugar. Shake for five minutes. If you are in civilization wash the small bag off to clean off the salt and then eat. Otherwise just be careful and eat straight from the bag.

This works most of the time, but it is chemistry so depending on conditions – results may vary. After you have made the ice cream you can mix in some chunks of cookie dough or some chocolate chips. Hershey’s syrup if you want chocolate ice cream. Heath bits. Go nuts. (or add nuts, whatever you like.)

*I use vanilla powder which transports better for camping, but it is harder to come by.


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