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Walking It Off

October 24, 2020

I ran all the way to Monrovia today. After that I mostly walked.

Monrovia is only a couple of blocks from our house, but I did allow myself to run a little during my 8km walk. I ran for about 20% of the time and walked the rest of it. I’m doing this to give my calf a chance to grow stronger before I actually start running again. I took last weekend off completely and did a few short walk/runs earlier this week. I’ll continue to do this for the next several weeks adding distance and more running time, but not allowing myself to run the whole route until I finish a prearranged pattern of run/walk percentages.

I have it all in a spreadsheet.

I can’t remember not having a spreadsheet when I am training for a long distance run. I ran my first marathon in 2004 and I think I used a calendar instead of spreadsheet until about halfway through the training. But now, the run doesn’t feel finished until I open up my laptop and mark the run as completed. Having things planned out like this is also useful for coordinating long training runs with other events in our life like….um…well it used to be good for that when we had other events on the calendar.

The weather is a little cooler in southern California this week so it was a nice “run.” And my leg doesn’t feel any worse after a distance of five miles so I am hopeful that me new plan will work out. I may blog a little less about my running going forward, but I will still brag about hitting “new” long distances. Looking at the plan I will have regained all the ground I lost by Christmas and will be able to brag about running 24km before the year is over.

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