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A Park of Good Character

January 21, 2017

As I’ve hinted at in some of the previous posts, Shanghai Disneyland was not busy while we were there. This may have been because it was right after the New Year holiday, maybe because it was a little chilly and “foggy”, maybe they just aren’t getting the turnout they hoped for after the initial surge of interest. I don’t know, but we certainly enjoyed the lack of crowds and short lines. The short lines included the lines to meet and snap a picture with many of Disney’s great characters. We have more awkward family pictures taken with people wearing costumes than from any other trip we’ve taken. This high picture count might also be influenced by the opportunity to meet Star Wars and Marvel characters too.

We passed up some other chances, like a lonely Timon who had no line at all, because we were trying to make a show. And proving that some things are universal the lines for the princesses (Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.) were still there. The Princess lines were not too bad, but you still had to want to spend time waiting to meet them. The longest line we had (about ten minutes) was to meet the Mouse himself and we did wait about five minutes for Winnie-the-Pooh, but that was probably worth it. I’ll try to wrap up the Disneyland stuff tomorrow, but no promises.


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