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I’m With Her

November 2, 2016

h I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now and I finally decided I needed to write this before the Presidential election next week. I’ve already voted and I don’t expect this post to convince anyone to change their vote this close to the election, but I wanted to put my thoughts out there for posterity. I want to look back 20 years from now and remember what I was thinking during this crazy election.

Over the last few months (basically since it came down to Clinton or Trump) my thought process has gone from “I really hate my choices, but I can’t let Trump be my president,” to “I believe (or at least I am hopeful) that Clinton will be a good president.” People who have known me a long time know that I’ve typically voted Republican until Obama ran for president. I was drawn to his optimism and it his presidency more than anything else which has made me take notice and regain respect for the Office of President. This isn’t a post about Obama, but it does help that Clinton is seen as a continuation of the work he has done.

Donald Trump is an idiot. The public image that he portrays shows me nothing that is redeemable – never mind worthy of the highest office in our country. He has very purposefully tapped into a frustrated class of people in the United States and used their fear and anger to prop himself up as our next potential president. He lies to his supporters to convince them that he is their champion. The only thing I think he cares about is his ego. This is my opinion.

He stands for nothing other than himself. I may not agree with Clinton on all of the issues, but I agree with her on some issues and at least I know where she stands. Trumps policies are either non-existent or so ridiculous they could never make it into reality. Clinton seems like she can work with both parties (minus Trump) and might actually be able to accomplish something during the next four years. I am by no means an expert on either candidate, but everything about Trump is a joke and how we ended up with him as a candidate is something people will be analyzing for decades. And if he somehow gets elected next week I honestly doubt he will make it four years without getting impeached. This is my opinion.

But what about the “damn emails”?  I could try and explain why I don’t think this is a reason not to trust Hilary Clinton, but it’s really hard to prove a negative. I’m guessing when she deleted several thousand of her personal emails she was trying to get rid of threads that would make her look bad. Covering up illegal activity? We’ll probably never know. Or maybe we will – as Mrs. Clinton is learning thanks to Anthony Wiener’s sexting,  you can’t really delete anything from the internet. Do I wish there were fewer open questions? Sure, but until there is concrete proof of any wrong doing let’s go with the whole innocent-until-proven-guilty thing. This is my opinion.

In short I cannot believe that Donald Trump is running for president and I think Hilary is going to do a good job if she wins. There are so many voices condemning him as a poor candidate, as a poor businessman, and as a poor human being (with tiny hands) that it doesn’t really matter if I add mine, but I couldn’t stay silent.

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