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Let Me Sum Up

August 9, 2016

Writing up the Mt. Fuji climb took the wind out of my sails on the whole blogging thing, but Michael and I have still been keeping busy. My last post was two weeks ago so I’m just going to list out the things we’ve done since.

  • Attempted a Battlestar Galactica Marathon. We started too late in the day and also our heart wasn’t really in it. We’d started the series once before so it took a while to get to episodes we hadn’t seen. We barely watched the first half of the series while playing cards and ignoring the show. We are still working our way through them at one or two episodes a night and should finish before the girls get back.
  • Saw Finding Dory in Shibuya. It was a pretty forgettable movie all told, but it was cute, it was funny, it was in English.
  • Went to the Ramen Museum in Yokohama. Neither Michael and I were sure what to expect, but it was more like a theme park than a museum. There were no rides, but there were eight different ramen shops set into two-story courtyard that was all themed as 1950’s Japan. I took a bunch of pictures to try to capture it and you can see them here: Ramen Museum Pics.
  • Played three games of Monopoly in a single day. We used some extra rules that made it more fun and quicker for just two players. Third game was the tie breaker. I crushed him.
  • Went out for hamburgers at The Arms in Yoyogi-Uehara
  • Went our for hamburgers at Great Burger in Omotesando.
  • Attended the Game Day at a pub in Shimo Kitazawa and played two long games of BattleStar GalacticaL The Board Game. Michael was revealed to be a Cylon both times.
  • We went up to Lake Nojiri for five days and stayed at Kira’s boss’s cabin. It felt a lot like camping, but with electricity and showers. We played a lot of cards, swam a little, canoed a little, hiked a little, and played something resembling tennis. We also walked a lot to get around. The closest convenience store was twenty-five minutes away. Also there was a movie night; a double feature – Up and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Lastly we ate hamburgers at The Lamp.
  • Michael and I have started to work our way through Free Code Camp. I started it once before on my own, but lost momentum a couple of months in. I don’t know about Michael, but I’m having fun doing it with him. We’ve coded the last three days for at least an hour.
  • Yesterday we went to Mejii Shrine and placed a prayer plaque to wish Nora and JP a happy marriage.


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