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Life Is More Fun If You Play Games

July 24, 2016

(-Roald Dahl) is one of the better uses of technology int he world. I use it to find technology and industry meetings all the time, but most people probably use it for things like Game Day. In Tokyo there is a group called the Japan International Gamers Guild and volunteer organizers host game days all over the city. On almost any Saturday or Sunday there is a game day going on somewhere in the city. Michael and I have gone to the event closest to our apartment, in Shimo Kitazawa, three times in the past, but they don’t meet until next week so we decided to attend the next closest event, in Shinjuku. We’ve been playing games at home, but many games are more fun with others and you usually get to try new games as well. Also I needed to see if someone else could help me win against Michael at RFTG. His winning streak on this game is getting a little annoying.

The game day we usually attend is in a pub which has pluses and minuses, but today’s event was at a community center. I liked this venue a lot. It was very well-lit with lots of tables for playing games and it’s only 30 minutes from the house via train. The only negative was that the air conditioning was not very powerful and with 20+ people in the room it got pretty warm.

Michael and I showed up about 20 minutes after they started. I was aiming for ten minutes after they started, but we were slowed down a little by catching Pokemon on the way there. Several other people came in late apologizing for the same reason – Pokemon Go. Not surprising with a group full of game lovers.

We played a quick game of Roll for the Galaxy with one other person named Justin while we waited for more people to show up. There were about a ten people there when we got there, but most had already started playing a game. I felt a little sorry for the guy playing RFTG with Michael and I as we gave him all the rules in a verbal barrage. He held his own considering it was the first time he’d ever played, but Michael won. I think he cheats.

Just as we were wrapping up the game, our opponents friends showed up and we all played a very long, but mostly fun game of Adventuretime Munchkin. I’ve never watched the Adventuretime show so most of the jokes were lost on me, but I like Munchkin. Six people ended up playing the game; me, Michael, our new friend Justin, Justin’s friend Aaron, Aaron’s girlfriend (sorry she only told us her name once and I forget), and anther woman who came by herself who I don’t think ever gave us her name. She’d never played Munchkin before and by the end I think she probably wished she’d joined another game. It took us three hours to play one game of Munchkin and we didn’t even finish. We ran out the clock because we only had the room at the community center until 5:15. As the last person took their turn before we had to leave it brought him to nine points, which tied him with everyone else. We had a six way tie. It was pretty amazing.



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