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First Cousin Once Removed

July 17, 2016

IMG_2740A few days ago a got a message from my father’s brother’s daughter’s daughter, Jessica,  letting me know that she would be in Tokyo for a few days and wondering if I wanted to meet for lunch. While reconnecting with long lost cousins isn’t exactly a geeky outing, it did involve lunch so it’s still in keeping with the bachelor summer that Michael and I are striving for. 

After searching my brain (and the internets) for a good meeting spot new Shinjuku I eventually decided that Michael and I would just meet at her hotel and then walk somewhere from there. I could see there was a CoCo Curry House right across the street and I knew that would be w good pick for Michael. If it didn’t work for Jessica then we could walk another block and find something else. There is always another restaurant on the next block in Tokyo.

Jessica was fine with curry so we went in and sat down. The last time I saw Jessica was when she was eight years old so there was a bit of catching up to do. Add to this the fact that Jessica inherited the loquacious nature of her parents and you might understand why I had a waitress come over and ask to take our order for the first time since coming to Tokyo. The usual custom is to hail them over after everyone has decided what to order. We talked and ate for a little under an hour. Jessica was very informed on our family, probably because my daughter had visited her in Myanmar this past fall. In my childhood I lived in Alabama and Jessica’s mother, my cousin, lived in Louisiana so I saw her several times during those years. It was beyond imagining that our children might one day visit each other in Burma.

We kept talking about our families until long after the curry was done and then she asked me if I knew where she might find an English language book store. It’s possible some of the other folks she is meeting during her stay could have helped her, but it was the perfect question for me. After lunch Michael and I walked her over to the Kinokuniya where we had spent some time just a couple of days before. After she picked up some books she went off to do some more shopping and Michael and I headed home.

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