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The Boys Stayed Back in Town

July 16, 2016

A couple of days ago my wife and daughter left on a trip back to the United States. They will be gone for over a month which means that it will be just me and Michael for all that time. It would be easy to let a lot of that time slip away with a bunch of lazy summer days which we wouldn’t be able to distinguish when we look back years from now. I’m hoping to avoid that so we are trying to do something different each day. We live in an incredible city and there are a million things to do, but we’ve done a lot of the Tokyo things that you are supposed to do. Also I am hoping to rely heavily on the things that I have in common with Michael. There will be a lot of eating and there will be a lot of geekery. We are a couple of days in, but I’ll sum up and try to keep things up to date going forward.

  • Day 1 – After dropping Kira and Sarah off at the bus for their flight to Chicago via Seoul Michael and I headed over to the Yellow Submarine, a game store in Shinkjuku that carries about 20% of their stock in English. The store didn’t open until noon so we killed some time at Krispy Kreme and at the International section of the Kinokuniya bookstore. We got back to the bookstore just as they opened and after much searching we ended up buying a game called Roll for the Galaxy. We’ve played it about eight times in the last few days and so far I think we picked a good one. It is a resource based strategy game that moves pretty quickly (at least the two player version does). On the way home Michael suggested McDonald’s for lunch and I was tempted not to make too much of a good thing in one day, but he made some compelling arguments. “We have to eat.” “It’s right here.” “Ham…burg…ers.”
  • Day 2 – There was a big thunderstorm in the forecast so it seemed like a good day to hole up and watch all the episodes of Firefly. The rain held off for most of the day, but a plan is a plan so we stuck with it. We don’t tend to watch a lot of TV during the day so it forced me to figure out that the button marked 節電 on my TV remote can increase the brightness just a little. I think it means Power Conservation. It has three settings and we’ve been watching on the lowest lit one for about eight months now. Between playing a couple more games of RFTG and eating out at a new ramen place in the neighborhood we didn’t quite make our self-imposed deadline of midnight for finishing the Firefly marathon. We ended up watching the last two episodes the next morning. Also, the rain that held off all day finally hit while we were eating our ramen. The door to the restaurant would open as people entered and exited giving us a glimpse of a huge downpour. We lingered as long as we could, but eventually decided there was nothing for it and trudged home in the rain. We had umbrellas, but they only kept us half dry and the sidewalk was like walking through a stream the whole way back. My shoes are still wet more than a day later.
  • Day 3 – Today was a little more low-key. We finished the last couple episodes of Firefly and then purposely skipped lunch so we could take advantage of the all you can eat pizza at Shakey’s pizza in Kichijoji. between us we finished off twenty-eight slices of pizza. Of course it is Japan so the slices are smaller here. We played some more RFTG and Michael is grokking it faster than I am because I’ve only won once so far.
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  1. donnelly109 permalink
    July 16, 2016 2:28 am

    A true geek…using Heinlein’s “grok.” There are just 24 people on earth that remember Michael Valentine and “grokking!”

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