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Ku De Grâce

May 22, 2016

We have enjoyed ourselves this year in Tokyo and one of the best parts has been spending time with our friends Chika and Will. They are moving back to the United States in a few weeks and I know that next year will be completely different without them here. Hardly a week goes by that we do not see one or both of them and as well as being great friends they have been great at getting us to go out and do things we wouldn’t have made time for or possibly wouldn’t have been able to figure out.

As their time in Japan is running out Chika came up with an idea to see some parts of the city that she hasn’t been to. Or at least not during this year.

“You know about the twenty-three special 区 (wards) of Tokyo, right?” she said.

“Uh-huh,” I hedged.

“What if we found something to do in each 区 and tried to visit all of them before I left,” she challenged.

“Challenge accepted,” I cooed.

And of course if we are going to go on a wild, challenging tour of Tokyo I’m going to blog about it. We decided early on that we wouldn’t need to visit kus/wards if we had evidence of being there already this year, but that still left fifteen kus to visit in only a few weeks. Without really trying we split up the wards we needed to visit and each did some research on what we could do. It wasn’t as easy at it sounds because most tourist activities are listed by neighborhood not by ward. I think we both spent a lot of time searching the interwebs for interesting things to do each ward, but it paid off because we had some very enjoyable days.

Because some of our visits were much earlier in the year I decided not to blog in chronological order, but rather in alphabetical order by Ku. As I write each one up I will link to the post from the list below. Expect the first one in a day or so.


  • Adachi – 足立区
  • Arakawa – 荒川区
  • Bunkyō – 文京区
  • Chiyoda – 千代田区
  • Chūō – 中央区
  • Edogawa – 江戸川区
  • Itabashi – 板橋区
  • Katsushika – 葛飾区
  • Kita – 北区
  • Kōtō – 江東区
  • Meguro – 目黒区
  • Minato – 港区
  • Nakano – 中野区
  • Nerima – 練馬区
  • Ōta – 大田区
  • Setagaya – 世田谷区
  • Shibuya – 渋谷区
  • Shinagawa – 品川区
  • Shinjuku – 新宿区
  • Suginami – 杉並区
  • Sumida – 墨田区
  • Taitō – 台東区
  • Toshima – 豊島区



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