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Beware of Crows During Breeding Season

August 19, 2015

When we registered with the local municipal office we got a 165 page book called Life in Setagaya. It has lots of helpful information on how to pay taxes and much of the information about trash in my earlier post came from the six pages on Recyclable Resources and Garbage.

There are a few things that caught my eye when reading through Life in Setagaya. For instance every Sunday at 9 am there is a 10 minute radio program called Happy Life Setagaya which streams on the internet at FMSetagaya. Feel free to listen along with us next week (That will be 7 PM Saturday night for those of you in the Central timezone.)

I also learned about the Setagaya Boroichi Fair, which is a street market featuring second-hand items. It meets once in December (12/15-16) and once in January (1/15-16) every year. It is quite well known and has been going on for about 400 years. It sounds like a neighborhood garage sale, but on a bigger scale. Last year there were over 200,000 people shopping at over 700 stalls.

In November there is the Setagaya Half-Marathon. It’s all full so maybe next year.

There are even a Japanese language classes for foreign residents that starts sometime in November. It doesn’t list the exact time and place of the Japanese lessons, but maybe if I tune in next Sunday morning I’ll find out.

But the one item that really caught my eye when reading Life in Setagaya was this one:

Beware of crows during breeding season

During their breeding season (March through July) crows may attack people to protect their eggs or chicks. To avoid injury avoid passing their nest, or use an umbrella or hat.

We had already noticed the large crows in our neighborhood and when three or four of them line up on a branch it already feels a little bit like a scene from The Birds. Finding out that they actually attack people part of the year is not encouraging.

Other than learning about my new city the past couple days I have been busy working and networking. I met briefly with an IT recruiter yesterday who very enthusiastically showed me a job he thought would be a good match at Rakuten (the same job I interviewed for via Skype about a month ago, but didn’t get). After that disappointment I then walked home in the rain without an umbrella and got horrible blisters from my shiny new shoes.

This evening I left my family to fend for themselves and went off to a .Net C# user group meeting. It was a good collection of geeks and I will definitely be going back next month. the Meeting was in the JP Tower near the Tokyo subway station. I have been through the station before, but I don’t recall ever going outside here. It is a large station and a very interesting building. The only damper on this event was that the Chou line was delayed on the way back and I didn’t get home until 10pm.

Tokyo Train Station

Tokyo Train Station

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  1. Mike Donnelly, Pere permalink
    August 19, 2015 4:10 am

    We, also have been to Tokyo Station. We’ve got several pictures. We have not, however, been attacked by crows. It’s nice that there are still some new things for you & Kira to experience in Japn

  2. Janet Koplos permalink
    August 19, 2015 2:18 am

    This side of Tokyo Station is historic, but lost its top floor during the WWII bombing. The other side of the station, where the Shinkansen comes in, you probably have seen from the outside but it bears no relationship to this one. It’s amazing that they’d have such a big instructive book for foreigners. Bet you wouldn’t find that here!

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