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Corn Dogs are a 9 Minute Fish

August 17, 2015

FishToday was fairly uneventful. Kira and I did some shopping. We bought some curtains for our room and a couple other odds and ends. We ate lunch, just the two of us, at a small Indian place near one of our train stations. It was very well priced and I left feeling very full. The butter chicken wasn’t quite as good as Moti, but I still enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the Guinness that I washed it down with.

Every time we are out and about it always catches my attention when I see another foreigner. Sometimes they will avoid your gaze, but usually there is a head nod to acknowledge that we all belong to a subset of this normally homogenous society. I’ve had one women ask me for directions, which I was able to provide because of my iPhone and today a man commented on Kira’s Vassar t-shirt and let us know that he was an alum as we passed by.

Other than our small outing we had a typical Donnelly Sunday with Sloppy Joes and boxed Mac and Cheese for dinner followed by a movie and cookie dough for dessert. (We stuck with Pixar and went with Incredibles tonight.) I thought the cookie dough turned out pretty good, but it was definitely different. The brown sugar was very light and the only chocolate chips we could find were minis. The Mac and Cheese, I am sad to report, did not pass muster. It seemed a lot like Kraft as I looked at the front of the box, but it was not. And while the result was edible it was not what we were hoping for.

Just to prove we are not incredibly lame in our food choices last night we had yakisoba with a lot of fresh ingredients and some very tasty pork. And Melanie had leftover rice wrapped in Seaweed for breakfast this morning.

While not much happened today it doesn’t mean we haven’t had some new adventures this weekend, mostly involving our lack of Nihongo (again.)

Yesterday Kira attempted to return one of the garbage cans we purchased at Tokyu Hands earlier in the week. It was too small for what we wanted and we thought with the excellent service you always find in Japan that a simple exchange would be easy. Not so. The whole thing took about twenty minutes and resulted in use keeping the small can. I am not entirely sure where the breakdown was, but because we bought several items on our credit card as a part of the trash can transaction they proceeded to return all of the items from the previous purchase and ring them up again excluding the trashcan that Kira was bringing back. The hope had been to just exchange the small can for a bigger one and pay the difference. There was a lot of back and forth between the employees at Tokyu Hands before they even got this far, but once Kira realized we would have to pay an exchange fee again she decided to call the whole thing off. She bought the larger can with cash and just kept the smaller can.

The other mishaps involve our appliances. We are still figuring out exactly how to cook in our fish grill. For the most part the stove is easy. You turn on the burner and adjust the flame. The fish grill is a small broiler underneath the stove and is easy to turn on, but appears to have some options. When Sarah made corn dogs in the fish grill for the first time the 9 分 (minute) fish light turned on. We have no idea what this means, but I find it amusing. For the record corn dogs are probably a six minute fish with a flip in the middle (two three minute fishes?) As part of the learning curve on the fish grill some toast may or may not have gotten burnt prior to trying the corn dogs.

As we were all going to bed last night Sarah threw a load of laundry in the washer. After it was running for a few minutes she realized in a panic that she had included a pair of jeans shorts that bleed horribly and if the load was allowed to complete every item in it would become blue. We were proud that we figured out how to wash a normal load of laundry and run the dryer successfully. With this minor fashion emergency it became important to figure out what some of the other buttons on the washer did. Namely how to stop a load and drain the washer. While the offending shorts were quickly removed the water in the washer had already turned blue. Kira boldly stepped into the fray and started pushing buttons. I don’t think she was quite able to just drain the water, but she accelerated the cycle and it emptied out within about five minutes. The clothes did not stain blue and Sarah washed her jeans shorts separately this morning.

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  1. August 17, 2015 7:14 am

    Great blog. We need ways to contact you other than Facebook posts, text,email etc

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