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I’m Going To Need You To Come In on Saturday

August 15, 2015

My work schedule is pretty fluid right now, but I do need to get in a certain amount of hours. With going out to ASIJ on Wednesday I decided it would be best to add in Saturday to my work week. Once we have Wi-Fi in the apartment I can work in the evening, but for now working means heading into MST (Montessori School of Tokyo) during the day.

I’ve done this commute four times now and I’m pleased to say that I knew which end of the trains I wanted to be on this morning. Since it is Saturday I even got a seat on each train. Since we have a fridge now I even packed a lunch. The last two times I have just gone out exploring for lunch and both times ended up grabbing something quick at the Family Mart which is a 10 minute walk from here.

I don’t have all the details to update you on what is happening while I am at work, but I hear there were all kinds of adventures with the fish grill and Michael has new curtains.

Yesterday was Friday and in our house that means pizza for dinner. Before I left my “office” yesterday I ordered Domino’s online and I beat it home by just a bit. The delivery person called us from in front of our building and then rang the door bell. It was weird not to tip him, but I can probably get used to it. The two large pizzas (13″) were just enough for the five of us, but were not actually that large (just checked and a large is 14″ in the states).

After dinner we played a game sitting on the floor in the living room. We played Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is pretty fun cooperative game with a twist. It’s kind of like the choose-your-own-adventure of boards games. I ended up being the traitor, but the explorers won the game by defeating Frankenstein’s Monster with torches.

After the game Kira remembered that she had two 10% off coupons for our local grocery store. One of the clerks there has lived abroad and speaks native English. she explained the coupons to Kira on a previous visit. We headed down to pick up some staples, like rice and soy sauce, but also to get what we needed for Saturday dinner. Our new English speaking friend was working and she helped Melanie find a vegetarian option for her Saturday lunch.


We are the pin and our grocery store is the shopping cart in the top right. It is a Top Parque Fresh Market. There are easily 6 other grocery stores within walking distance, but this one is the closest.

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