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Mind the Gap

August 12, 2015

For posterity and my fading memory I am going to jump back a little and fill in the time gap from after Sarah and I arrived until now. It will be long. It will be rambling. It will probably be inaccurate.

After waiting about five minutes in the airport, Kira and Michael showed up. There were hugs and then we headed off towards the trains. We ended up jumping on a semi-express and the train ride in took longer than Kira had hoped, but honestly it didn’t feel any longer than the last time we were in Japan two years ago.  Getting to the hotel from the train station was mostly a blur. We got to the hotel and went to sleep without any problems. 

On the long train ride Kira and Michael caught us up on their week in Japan so we knew what to expect the next morning when we started looking for breakfast options. There is a food court on the second floor of the Tokyo Tower that they knew very well. The plan was made to get pancakes at the food court and it sounded pretty good to me until we got there. Everyone else had pancakes with whipped cream and ice cream on top of them. I am not sure if I just didn’t feel like sweets or if it was because my body thought it was dinner time, but I saw the Ramen shop and that was what I wanted. They had a ticket system for getting your ramen. It was mostly straight forward, but Michael and Kira had already figured it out on one of their previous visits so I didn’t have to think at all. 

[At this point I am just going to put things to jog my memory]

Got call about apartment.

Went to buy appliances at Bic camera. They did not speak English.

Got information about cell phones and wifi at Roppongi SoftBank.

Insert Moti butter chicken here.
Second night in the hotel.

Next morning picked up by bus and met Pete. Got keys to school. Said goodbye to Pete.

Got to apartment via school bus. Had to move bags by hand a couple blocks. Very sweaty after carrying up bags to second floor. This is the only time my neighbor has seen me.

Met Jeff (realtor). Got the lay of the land from him. Showed us hot water, how to answer the door.  How to run Air con.

We had to wait for the gas man. 

Went into Shibuya to buy a ceiling light. Found Disney store.

Ate dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Lame, but delicious.

Went back to empty apartment. Played Tetris Jenga

Read Temeraire out loud as a family.

Slept on air matresses without sheets.

Got up on Sunday and tried to find Starbucks near us. No luck. Went to Shibuya.

Bought Sarah a laptop at the Apple Store. They spoke English.

Kira and I explored. Found a new grocery store. Brought back dinner of bread, cheese and cold hot dogs.

Whole family went out and explored the park. Saw many runners.

Got up early Mon for shipment.  

They showed up and one of the women spoke English. Kira asked her how to turn off the heated seat on the toilet.

First thing they mentioned was the couch being too big. They brought everything else up and unpacked and then determined the couch would need to be brought in by crane through the balcony doors. We are still waiting to find out when that will be.

Ate first home-cooked meal in new apartment. Egg salad sandwiches. No fridge yet so all food must get eaten.

Went to get phones. Got my phone and Kira’s but had to leave after 2.5 hours (an hour after the store closed).

Went to get Mel at Shibuya. A random guy from Kyrgyzstan helped her carry the bags up the stairs.

Tuesday went in to work at MST. Everyone came. They stayed until about noon and then went back to get the rest of the phones and order wifi. I Worked until 7pm. Mel stayed with me. We got the better deal. Took 3 more hours to finish phones and order wifi for the apartment.  

They came back to MST.

Everyone else left about 30 min before me and they stopped and got spaghetti sauce at National Azabu. 

I got slightly turned around getting back to the station, but it all seemed familiar. I made it back in time for dinner. I did the dishes.

More reading of Temeraire.

Worked some more to install SQL Server Management tools for 2014 version on my laptop.

Wrote this post.


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  1. Alana permalink
    August 12, 2015 6:54 am

    Why in the world would you turn off the heated toilet seat?! Such adventures. I love your adventure!

  2. Mike Donnelly, Pere permalink
    August 12, 2015 6:34 am

    The stories you’ll have for your grandchildren! BTW, which book of the Temeraire series are we reading?

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