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Now Arriving

August 3, 2015

Top 10 things I am looking forward to in Tokyo:

  • 10) The energy in the air that only comes from living in a very large city. Sorry, but Saint Paul doesn’t count.
  • 9) Sending my kids to ASIJ. It isn’t a perfect school, but the school shaped my experience in Japan the more than anything else.
  • 8) Vending machines everywhere. With ice coffee in the summer and hot cans of coffee in the winter.
  • 7) Quality Ice Coffee. Doesn’t have to be from a vending machine.
  • 6) Learning to cook Japanese food using local ingredients. When I was cooking ramen and udon in Minnesota it always meant a special trip across town.
  • 5) Checking out the growing selections of craft beers.
  • 4) Ubiquitous, inexpensive sushi. Even the sushi at the 7/11 is high quality.
  • 3) Public transportation. Wherever you want to go in the country.
  • 2) Moti Butter chicken. I believe this topic has been covered already.
  • 1) The people. Specifically my wife, it feels like she left much more than 6 days ago.


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