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Departing Thoughts

August 3, 2015

Top 10 things I will not miss while living in Tokyo:

  • 10) Sitting in traffic. No cars for us and possibly the best train system in the world.
  • 9) Shoveling Snow. Imagine all the extra time I will have during December.
  • 8) All of that unnecessary headroom when going through doorways.
  • 7) Iowa. I have nothing against the state of Iowa, I’m just pretty sure I won’t miss it.
  • 6) Temperatures colder than the surface of mars. I am looking forward to living somewhere where the air does not hurt my face.
  • 5) Mosquitos. Buzz buzz.
  • 4) Road construction. Is it just me or is it worse than ever this year?
  • 3) Waiting at a stop sign to see who can out polite each other while they wave at each other to go next. ( I considered just doing a whole list about not driving any more, but then I can’t rub in the no snow shoveling thing.)
  • 2) Political Ads. Next year will be a great year not to sit through the onslaught of campaign commercials and radio spots about how awful the candidates are.
  • 1) The people. I won’t miss the people because we live in a time when communication across the globe is easy and cheap.


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  1. August 5, 2015 1:47 am

    Got some bad news for you about the mosquito thing . . .

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