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August 1, 2015



I just retrieved a very tired young author from the airport. This is the second year that Sarah has been able to go to the Shared Worlds writing camp in South Carolina. We knew last year that this was the camp for our girl because she came home with about 20 new books. She told me that she managed to bring home fewer books than last year even though the selection of books presented at camp was better this time.

On the drive home we talked about the camp and I caught her up on the whole “Mom-is-in-Japan-already” thing, but the best part of the conversation was when she explained some of the story behind the world that she and her co-authors created. I always picture my daughter writing in a fantasy realm, but the world her story is set in this year is pure science fiction – no magic.

Being a cynical adult I made some passing comment about not being able to travel to camp next year from Tokyo. The sigh she returned made me regret saying anything and I made a mental note to live a bit more in the present. It’s great to have her back home and it was clear she had a good time.

I will see if I can get permission from the author to post her story after she finishes the final revisions.



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