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Mile Markers

July 30, 2015


This is sound of my wedding ring hitting the metal lamppost as I tag it at the end of my run for the evening. It’s a very satisfying sound and it it has come to mean that my run is over and I can stop pushing myself (until the next run of course).

With the exception of a few races and vacation runs my runs usually start with me putting on my shoes and heading out the door of our Como neighborhood house. This lamppost around Lake Como has been the start and end point for the majority of my runs in my adult life.

I started running long distance when I was in high school in Japan and then stopped for about 15 years until I got in my 30’s and realized I needed to do something to fight off old age. I ran my first marathon in 2004 and the lake was a natural starting place for my training with a course already measured for me at 1.6 miles around. Back then there was not quite the proliferation of GPS tracking that we have now so it was nice to know how far I was going. Twice around made a great 5K route.

I did some back of the napkin calculations tonight while I was running and I think a fair estimate is that I have run around Lake Como 1000 times. That count might even be low. This is over a decade of training for three separate marathons and a dozen or so half marathons. I’ve run a lot of those trips around the lake by myself, but I’ve also run a 100+ times or so with Kira, and 50+ with Melanie and Sarah. It is what I picture when I picture myself running.

I am already planning on running in Tokyo. There is a 5K route around the Imperial palace that is very popular. I’m also thinking I will need to go running in Tama Bochimai  park by ASIJ where I ran cross country and see if anything looks familiar. I am hoping to convince Michael to run a half marathon with me at some point. Maybe we’ll make up our own if we can’t find a good race.

I know there is more running in my future, but tonight was my last run in Minnesota for a long while.


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  1. Janet Koplos permalink
    July 31, 2015 9:28 am

    You still have four more nights here. You could run again! Nice picture, too.

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