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Two College Day

July 8, 2015


wellesley-college-1.4On our way up to Cape Cod today Kira arranged for Sarah to tour Clark University and Wellesley College.  We are about a year early for college tours, but we want Sarah to have a frame of reference for when she needs to start thinking about colleges next year. The two colleges were a good contrast of a very urban setting, Clark, with the buildings blending from dorms to classrooms to city streets within a block and Wellesley pictured at the left in a residential area near Boston with a large campus and its own lake. Sarah isn’t really working on a list of potential schools yet, but we collected some good data today and Kira and Sarah burned some calories walking around college campuses on a humid summer day. While they toured the colleges I worked out of two very different admissions offices. The free coffee was better at Clark, but Wellesley was quieter – both were very well air conditioned.

We finished the tours and drove out to Cape code arriving in time for dinner.

Also, today is Kira’s Birthday and after dinner we all sang while she blew out the candle on a chocolate torte served with sweet raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream.

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