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Dream Cycling

June 30, 2015

Last night as I slept in my house on my own mattress for the last time I had an interesting dream. I am trying to learn Japanese these days and I would love to say that I have started dreaming in Japanese. I haven’t. It is probably fair to say that this dream is a combination of needing to get things done for the move and trying to learn Japanese. I record it here for you amusement.

I needed to get my bike tuned up before I pack it away, so of course I rode it over to the hair dresser at the Mall of America. They were very excited to see me, but while they were cutting my hair the woman explained that they would not be able to work on my bike today. I would have to come back. I told them I was moving to Japan and couldn’t come back. She said they would do it if I could tell them I was moving in Japanese. This part I remember very well, because I couldn’t figure out what words to use. I wanted to say I was moving to Japan in one month, but if I said one month in Japanese (ichi gatsu) that was the same as saying January. I couldn’t figure it out and the Japanese chef who was cooking behind the counter (at the hair dresser) laughed at my attempt. I rode my bike back home and awoke in real life seriously wondering why I didn’t just take my bike to the bike shop up on Lexington, much closer to where we live.

Weird. And for the record, I’m not packing up my bike. I’m leaving it behind for my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. He’ll probably want to take it in for a tune up.

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  1. Aunt Patti permalink
    July 1, 2015 10:13 pm

    And maybe get his hair cut?

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