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W, X, Y, and Z

April 29, 2014

I’ll put the recipes I made at the bottom of this post by letter to complete the project and also because I liked some of them and might want to make them again.

When we made dinner on Sunday this week, my son, Michael, asked what the next week was going to be and before I answered he said, “Wait. Zucchini. Z. Z means we’re done. Yay!”

Yay, indeed.

Then last night I sat down to write a grocery list and for the first time in 23 weeks I did not have to make my menus fit around a specific letter. It was both freeing and annoying. Without a focus of making every meal with Lentils, Ocra, Tofu, or Zucchini I had to actually think about what I might want for dinner. In the end I created a very boring list of meals (except for the homemade chili I have on the stove right now) because I wanted to not have to think about what I am cooking for a change.

Life got very busy in April and even though I didn’t blog I did stick to the one letter a week menus. Unfortunately the dieting part of this project was on par with the blogging part for the last month. I never did lose those last ten pounds. I’d like to think I would have made it if I hadn’t gone to New Orléans, but that isn’t necessarily the world I would want to live in. (It was an amazing tip with great food.) Going back to my weight of last June when I weighed the most I ever have, I have lost 45 pounds. I weigh less than I have in about 8 or 9 years. I still can’t remove my wedding band, but I blame that on cracking my knuckles for 40 years.

I’m going to call it a success.


I am probably the biggest reader of my blog these days because I check back here for recipes and to remember what I did the last time I made something. So here are the recipes by letter:

W is for Wasabi: Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Pork Wasabi Tacos, and Salmon with a Wasabi glaze and Asian Pesto from the Spoonriver cookbook

X – I always intended to skip X.  I mean, you can’t cook a Xylophone.

Y is for Yams: Parsnips and Yams recipe from the Spoonriver cookbook , Curried Yam Hash, and Roasted yams from the Commonsense Kitchen cookbook

Z is for Zucchini: Shaved Zucchini salad with Lemon honey dressing, Italian Sausage and Zucchini over pasta, and during the one nice day we’ve had this year so far I made grilled zucchini spears

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