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T is for Tofu, U is for Udon

March 30, 2014

tAnother two letter blog post. I promise blog ealier next week, but for now I am just going to sum up.

T is for Tofu

My vegetarian daughter was home for spring break for T week so Tofu seemed like the perfect choice. I found three recipes Tofu Walnut Croquettes from the Spoonriver cookbook, Tofu Tacos, and Curry Tofu Salad from the Commonsense Kitchen. For that last one think Tuna Salad; we put it on sandwiches in place of tuna and it was actually quite good. The other two recipes were not much to write home about. The Tofu salad/sandwich spread used not just tofu, but had a ton of ingredients in it that gave it good crunch and good flavor. I can see making this one again.

U id for Udon

Name a food that starts with U.

Go ahead. I’ll wait while you try to think of something.

Yeah, I couldn’t either. I didn’t really want to do Udon because it is was a busy week at Casa Donnelly. If I was going to have Udon week I really should have made the noodles from scratch. Instead I drove around to three grocery stores just to find dry Udon noodles. Here is what I learned about Udon this week – it isn’t about the noodles, it’s about the broth and the garnish. Before Melanie went back to school I tried to make a quick lunch and didn’t really have what I needed for the broth. Also you know the soft egg you can get in a bowl of ramen or udon? That takes about a half au day to make. Those tasty pieces of pork they put on top? Takes about a week to do it right. I did manage to make a pretty tasty stir fried Udon later in the week and on Thursday I made a decent Udon with pork using a boxed ginger-miso broth that I got from Trader Joe’s.

The Diet

It was not a good two weeks for dieting. I gained a pound both weeks. These last ten pounds just won’t go. I blame the fact that I accidentally bought regular Dr. Pepper instead of diet. I was halfway through the week before I realized. I have 10 pounds to lose this month. I still think I can do it. My plan is to start the diet just as I began it last June. In June of 2013 I went running every day. For April I plan to do the same. It might just be a mile, but I will go for a run every day. I’m starting a training plan with Sarah to get her ready for the Avenger’s Half Marathon in November so I will a have a reason to go running three days a week – I just have to motivate myself to go the other four days.



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