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Kale is good as long as you can’t taste it

January 19, 2014

I solidified the fact this week that I do not like the taste of kale.

So to hide that taste I turned the kale into pasta. There is a recipe in Damn Good Food for spinach pasta and I just replaced the spinach with kale. In the cookbook the pasta is used for a curried shrimp recipe called Shrimp Lisbeth. It was Melanie’s last dinner at home before returning to college so I decided I would make the dish. It is a pretty labor intensive and I spent over four hours in the kitchen making the pear chutney, curried shrimp and the kale pasta. None of the steps are very difficult, but they do take a lot of time. I started with a cup of kale and since kale is a little tougher than spinach I blanched it for about three minutes before I put it in the food processor.


I added egg, flour, crushed red pepper, some salt. After rolling it out and slicing into thin strips I let it dry for about 30 minutes and then boiled the noodles for about two minutes.

kalepasta2The dish adds shrimp cooked in curried butter, the pear chutney, and I also added some coconut milk, but before I put everything together I tasted the pasta and it was amazing. You couldn’t taste the kale at all and it just tasted like fresh pasta with butter on it.



I didn’t learn to like kale this week, but I did learn that I need to make more fresh pasta.

It was very hard to keep myself from taking seconds that night, but it was probably the right decision because I made my weight goal once again. I started to notice my clothes being a little loose this week, which is pretty cool. Only 14 letters of dieting left.


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