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G is for Giving

December 18, 2013

fmscWhen I did the Mike/Mitch project I took one of the weeks of blogging and donated the weekly grocery money to charity. I really enjoyed that so instead of a week of cooking with ginger I decided to repeat charity week. (FYI: “Cooking with Ginger” is the name of my Gilligan’s Island tribute band.) I am staying with the same charity I donated to last time, Feed My Starving Children. One of the things I like about this charity is that they let you donate your time as well as just sending in money. If you want to learn about how they operate check out their website, but trust me they do good things.


The week started out easily with Spaghetti, jarred sauce, and some frozen meatballs. All of this was in the cupboards/freezer so no extra groceries purchased.


Burritos with rice and a can of refried black beans. Easy again and since we had also tortillas and cheese  in the house no money spent.


I was lucky enough to have dinner provided by McKinley Consulting at my SQL Server User Group meeting. The family ate chicken patty sandwiches and frozen french fries, which was food we had in the house. $0 spent.


This weekend Kira accidentally bought the wrong pastry dough for the baklava. It was already thawed out so I decided I should use it for a meal this week. Looking at what else I had available, some chicken in the freezer, some frozen peas, and some leftover carrots – it all added up to chicken pot pie. It was a little labor intensive for a weekday, but flaky and delicious. If you don’t count the cost of the puff pastry, which we had already thawed, this meal also cost us nothing for the week. I want to go on record stating that I thought of chicken pot pie BEFORE I found the recipe on the Pepperidge Farm website.


[Sidenote – in case I thought I was being original I stumbled upon this website last night, E is for Eat. I find it amusing that I wasn’t searching for any alphabet recipes, but rather just searching for recipes using some ingredients we have laying around – Kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes. That’s what the literary folks call foreshadowing by the way. ]

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