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E is for Edamame

December 4, 2013

WP_20131201_002E was going to be for Eggplant, but as I started looking at recipes I discovered the only ones I was willing to make all involved battering and frying the stuff. And then I remembered. I don’t like eggplant.

In keeping with last week’s Japanese themed vegetable I decided E is for Edamame. I considered just eating steamed edamame for 7 nights and calling it a day, but I looked out on the interwebs and there was a few edamame recipes I thought I could try.


Even Julia Child burned the meatloaf every now and again, right?

My original plan for Sunday was to make Edamame Fresca as a side dish.When I read the recipe at 4 o’clock and saw the phrase, “refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight,” I had to change my plan. I decided that Risotto with Edamame, Lemon Zest and Tarragon would work.  I can sum this recipe up in three words – too much tarragon. It overpowered everything and made the first couple bites jarring. I made a substitution of mirin rice wine for the dry white wine. I thought it might make the risotto a little sweeter, but with the overpowering tarragon I couldn’t tell.

I must have paid too much attention to the risotto, because when I pulled the meatloaf out of the oven it was burnt on the edges and very dry. The real cause is probably that I’ve been experimenting with the meatloaf adding puréed vegetables and I haven’t figured the exact chemistry yet.


Risotto with Edamame, Lemon Zest and too much Tarragon


It was only a quarter inch of snow people.

Seems to be a week of changing plans. during the long summer months here in Minnesota people forget how to drive in the snow. As a result the traffic on Monday night was….stupid. Making my bus over 40 minutes behind schedule. By the time I got home I abandoned the plan to make Quick Edamame Soup from the Witchy Kitchen. Even this Quick recipe was still going to take about a half an hour to make, so instead of soup and sandwiches we just had sandwiches. I’ll probably make the soup eventually, but it might be time to stop making plans.

Taco Tuesday

One of the first recipes that came up when I started searching was this one for Edamame Guacamole. It kind of makes sense. Avocados are green; edamame are green. It is a basic recipe for guacamole with edamame added in. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of water and I used milk instead to make it a little creamier. The jalapeño I added could have had a little more kick, but it was still delicious.I could have easily eaten the whole bowl of guac just dipping chips into it, but I restrained myself.

I have a couple more recipes planned, we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. lhertzel permalink
    December 4, 2013 9:00 pm

    i like the idea that the only requirement for guacamole is that it be green.

    we eat edamame about three or four times a week, and we still can’t pronounce it.

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