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Rules Are Meant to be Broken

March 26, 2012

I’ve kept to my No Napping rules for March pretty well so far. No caffeine has passed my lips and I have taken no voluntary naps. I’m not counting falling asleep on the bus for a few minutes or while watching TV so long as I wake up and shake it off once I realize I am drifting off. The rule I have the hardest time with is going to bed before 11. I have stayed up reading in bed past 11 several times since the month started (never past midnight), but this weekend I shattered the 11 o’clock rule.

My daughter somehow convinced me to drive her to Chicago to see her beloved Starkids put on their musical Batman spoof, Holy Musical B@man! She had two things in her favor. I had seen their Starship show and found it highly entertaining and I have good friends who live in Chicago who I’m always happy to visit.

She had a few things not in her favor. She didn’t have tickets, had to convince me to drive her there on the chance she might get tickets, and did I mention she didn’t have tickets. To carry out her goal of seeing Holy Musical Batman, Melanie and I got up at 5:30 Saturday morning. Keep in mind that this happened during the month I decided to give up caffeine. After a nice cup of coffee water we were on our way. We got to the theater around 1pm and started waiting for tickets. We were second in line so it looked pretty good.  We eventually got our name on the standby list (spot 5 and 6) and then went out for an an amazing dinner at Tutto Fresco. Melanie ordered Spaghetti Diavola, which is Spaghetti with scallops, shrimp and baby clams in a spicy marinara sauce. I got to taste a small portion of it after she got too full and it was incredible. I ordered the special which was Lobster Ravioli in a cherry tomato cream sauce. Yum.

After dinner we walked back to the theater and despite some worry we got in with room to spare. They let over twenty standby people in to see the show. I can’t really tell you anything about the show because they are keeping everything under wraps until their big YouTube premiere next month. It was a musical about Batman. It had some flaws, but it was very entertaining and they hit some of the comic book tropes just right; enough to make us laugh without going overboard. The writers and cast are all comic book geeks so it was easy to picture them sitting around coming up with the story.  The show and the Starkids are really Melanie’s thing so I’ll let her tell that story sometime if she is up for it. Her facebook status said something about the best day of her life so I think she enjoyed herself.

During the intermission of the show is the first time in March I have considered breaking the no caffeine rule. People all around me were drinking Cokes and I really wanted one. I didn’t really want caffeine I wanted a Coke so I got some Skittles instead.

After the show (and the post-show autograph mob) we made our way to the Coleman’s. They had very graciously invited us to stay with them after I asked if the guest room was free. We got there later than I anticipated, but I was probably being naïve thinking I could pull Melanie away right after the show ended. By the time we got to their house it was already after my 11 o’clock bedtime. The family had waited up to say hello and there was some talking and some beers. Before too long it was down to just Rob and myself.

More beers.

More talking.

More beers.

More talking.

Rob and I didn’t finish solving the world’s problems until after 2:30am. I had fully intended to ignore my self-imposed curfew for this mini roadtrip, but never thought it would go that late. I surprised myself by cheerfully getting out of bed at 7 the next morning, but I became extremely, very not awake as the day went on. I got a full night of sleep last night, but I am not caught up. I almost threw No Napping out the window and went and laid on the couch, but instead I came in to the office and started writing. I think I will be able to push through now.

If you need me for anything next Sunday afternoon, don’t bother. I’ve scheduled a nap.

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