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The Good Stuff

December 20, 2011

I get asked a lot what my favorite recipes in the cookbook are and it is very hard to pick. I decided to phrase the question a little differently.

Top 10 Recipes That I Know I Will Make Again

10 – Huevos Rancheros

9 – Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Cheese

8 – Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes

7 – Bison Benedict

6 – French Dip

5 – Sweet Pea Hollandaise Sauce

4 – Jamaican Jerk Burger

3 – Mushroom-Crusted Shrimp Quiché

2 – Roasted Venison with Root Vegetables over Soft Polenta

1 – Charred Tuna with Beurre Noisette

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  1. Janet Koplos permalink
    December 21, 2011 12:44 pm

    Not Salmon Elise?

    • December 21, 2011 1:04 pm

      I had to limit myself to the top 10. I could see making salmon Elise again at some point. Although I would probably skip the beet puree. Too much work for what it added. The wine sauce was pretty nice though.

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