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Thankful for My Photographer

November 30, 2011

Among all the other things that my wife Kira does around here she is also the chief photographer for the Mike/Mitch project. While I am busy adding the final touches to the Thanksgiving Benedict or Poached Halibut with Peas and Crawfish she is getting the camera ready and rarely sits down before I do at the dinner table. As I was making another loaf of Brioche bread she noticed that I was finishing my jar of Kosher salt and decided we needed to record such a momentous occasion. When I started the project this jar was full.

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  1. December 3, 2011 11:57 am

    Your wife rocks, good sir!
    Excellent work – both of you!

  2. November 30, 2011 8:59 am

    Nice photos! Almost sad! You really should invent in a little gadget Alton Brown has for sale for Kosher salt…’s got a little flip-top lid. Doesn’t hold as much at one time as your jar, but you don’t have to dig into it. Although the opening on your jar seems quite large, I know Tim always had a hard time getting to the salt once it was halfway down!

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