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Thankful For The Halibut

November 26, 2011

Tonight’s recipe was not technically difficult, but there were about 37 different steps to create a wonderful halibut dish. I started by going around town to gather the ingredients. Last week I placed an order for the halibut and the flat fish bones I would need for the fumet. Once again my good friends at Coastal Seafoods helped me out with great quality fish.

I was still looking for Fresh Pea tendrils and thinking I may have to shred some baby spinach and just call an internet challenge Mulligan. Fresh peas are not in season which means that pea tendrils are not in season either. I tried one of the Asian Food market hoping to find something that had been shipped in, but no luck. On my way to Coastal Seafoods I passed by a local co-op, Mississippi Market and thought I would check. Eureka! They had a bunch of pea tendrils growing in a tray. Doesn’t get much fresher than that.

I hacked up the fish bones with some inadequate tools and then boiled them with onions, celery, carrots, and garlic to create the fumet. Thirty-three steps later I poached the halibut in a sauce created from the fumet and a broth made from the crawfish shells. The same sauce was used to heat the peas before pureeing them with butter. I know I am complaining about the number of steps, but this was actually a very fun meal to cook. As I put everything together at the end and plated the first filet I was happy with how it turned out and how beautiful it looked.

The halibut fillets were perfectly cooked and they were delicious. However, I think my cream and butter palate just isn’t used to some of the subtler flavors involved with this dish because the overall flavor combination seemed bland to me. Kira added another handful of the pea shoots and this seemed to make it work for her. I added a little salt and pepper. There were no leftovers.

Recipe #155: Fish Fumet

Recipe #156: Poached Halibut with Peas and Crawfish

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: Pracna was a great place to develop my own menu, and style.

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  1. November 27, 2011 9:29 am

    “Tonight’s recipe was not technically difficult, but there were about 37 different steps to create a wonderful halibut dish.”
    That’s 37 more than I could master!

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