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The 7th Seal of Approval

November 15, 2011

In the midst of the chaos surrounding absent Things I was not sure what tonight’s blog would be about.

And then a gift from the blogging gods (and goddesses) appeared. I was awarded the 7 and 7 Award from Aloha the Muse. First off I’m really glad to have met Aloha and her family through this whole blogging experience. Aloha is a teen writer that is poised to take over the world. She has plans drawn up and I am sure they are on the wall of her secret lair.

The recipient of the 7X7 award is supposed to pick 7 posts based on specific criteria and then nominate seven other blogs for the same award. I’m pretty honored to get this award from Aloha. Out of the Seven links she put on her 7X7 post I am pretty sure that I am one of only two male bloggers and the only one over, umm let’s say, 30 years old. Which either makes me really cool and hip or kinda creepy. Either way it has given me something to blog about tonight. Here we go.

1 – My Most Beautiful Post. I’m not sure that if I am allowed to choose guest posts for this category, but if I could I would pick my Halloween post by Fix-it-or-Deal. It truly was a thing of beauty. If I have to choose one of my own then I am going to go with The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of. That tuna is truly beautiful.

2- Most Popular Post. I have a recipe for Panko-Crusted Fried Cod that gets more hits from searches than anything else. I am storing this information away for when I write a real cooking blog. People like fried fish. When I made it I put a Lemon Hollandaise over it with a slice of sourdough and a poached egg to make a Lemon-Cod Benedict. It was delicious.

3- Most Controversial Post. I tend to stay away from the tough subjects, but I did ruffle some feathers with my April Fool’s day post. I claimed to have hit the big time with a paid blogging gig from my favorite restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen. I gave the owners a heart attack because they had not heard anything about it.

4- Most Helpful Post. This is actually a series of posts, but I truly believe I am providing a service with my Butter Chicken Battle. I have not found the true Moti’s Butter chicken yet, but I will keep looking and share it with the world once I find it.

5- Most Surprisingly Successful Post. This one is easy. The post I have with the most hits is Grill of my Dreams. I was Freshly Pressed when I added a great picture to a great title. It is a post about finally being able to grill after such a long winter. I don’t think it is really my best post, but it obviously caught the eye of the person who makes these decisions.

6 – Most Underrated Post. With Great Cooking Comes Great Responsibility.  I spent a lot of time setting up the ending line for this post and didn’t get the groans I was hoping for.

7 – Most Pride Worthy Post. There are Starving Kids in Africa. The writing was decent on this post, but mostly I am proud I went through with the idea. (Full disclosure I have not sent my money to FMSC yet. If you recall there was an interruption in my income at that point in time, but I will be sending them the grocery money from that week very soon.)

That took me longer to write than I would have liked. I think I am going to milk this for two blog posts. Stay tuned to find out which 7 lucky bloggers will get nominated next.

I’ve not spent enough time on my fellow nominees blogs to include them in my seven, but I checked them all out and I was not disappointed. You should  too : The Love of WordsMe Vs. The Normal PeopleBushmaidThe House on the RockNot At All StupidLaughablog.





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  1. November 15, 2011 7:58 am

    Congrats, my fine foodie friend! You deserve every morsel of praise put on your plate!

  2. November 15, 2011 7:47 am

    Gotta love a guy who thinks a post all about the eating habits of zombies is “beautiful”!!
    And, yes, people do love fried fish. Especially this people.
    Congrats on the award!

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