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The Mike/Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project

October 6, 2011

Because just copying the Julie/Julia Project isn’t unoriginal enough, this week I am also stealing Lawrence Dai’s blog concept and I am watching the movie Julie and Julia every day for a whole week. Just in case the absurdity of that doesn’t sink in I will spell it out for you: I am writing a blog post based on a blog, based on a movie, based on a book, based on a blog, based on a cookbook. 

I discovered Lawrence’s blog when I was looking into starting my blog last December. He had the inspired idea to watch the movie, Julie & Julia everyday for a year. While he readily admits that he has too much time on his hands, about ten days in probably the worst possible thing happened to him early on in his project – he went viral. If no one had ever read his blog he could have quit a couple of weeks and no one would have cared, but he had the misfortune to be too clever to be ignored. To say that Lawrence is not a fan of the movie is an understatement. There is a small part of me that thinks Lawrence actually loves the movie, but is so clever he realized early on that it would be easier to write about it’s flaws. His takes on the movie have run the gambit from cinematographic to crude, master of parody to desperate cry for attention, social commentary to heart-warming.

To date Lawrence has watched Julie and Julia 310 times and has mentioned how much he hates the movie in 302 blog posts (in the first post he hadn’t seen it yet and for about a week he thought it was a good movie). I am on my second viewing and already I have a new-found respect for Lawrence especially given that he grew up with things like cable and satellite TV. I mean I can watch the same movie seven days in a row easily enough, but I cut my TV watching chops in the days when there was only three channels, four if you counted PBS. I’ve seen the episode of Gilligan’s Island where they try and make glue from the tree sap about 50 times. I’m guessing Lawrence is familiar with the concept of a rerun, but he could always pick one of the other 298 channels.

Lawrence and I have exchanged  a bit of dialog since we both began our blogging projects in 2010. By which I mean that I have left several comments on his blog and sent a series of emails begging him to inquiring if he would mention me so I can piggyback on his blogging fame and he has remained stoically silent. Prior to this week I started an intense campaign to get him to write a guest blog post. I am pretty sure he is on board, but we are still haggling over the price for his writing talents. I offered him a jar of peanut butter, but I think he is holding out for peanut butter AND Jelly. All of this is true if you read “intense campaign” as “sent him a single email” and “he is on board” as “he never emailed back.”

With any luck I can steal some of his clever ideas for blog posts this week and I won’t have to think at all.

Julie and Julia quote of the day: I have this dream where she comes over for dinner and I show her my new lemon zester.

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  1. October 8, 2011 2:48 pm


  2. October 8, 2011 1:27 pm

    You’re a clever one, aren’t you?

  3. October 7, 2011 10:01 pm

    Early on I decided to read the book and I couldn’t get past the first chapter. I think the concept is probably thr best part and I sort of already knew how that turned out.

  4. October 7, 2011 9:28 pm

    I liked the “Julie and Julia” movie. Meryl Streep was great.

    the book? i couldn’t read it. I stopped trying after reading the author’s note, which says:

    “For the sake of discretion, many identifying details, individuals and events throughout this book have been altered. Only myself, my husband and certain widely known public figures including Julia and Paul Child are identified by real names.
    Also, sometimes I just made stuff up.”

    that made me so angry–that last line in particular–that I ended up throwing the book across the room. how can you call it nonfiction if you’re going to make it up?

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