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Many Memorable Meals

September 7, 2011

My Father-in-law Ed has sent me another installment telling about the Mike/Mitch Project from his perspective. It’s really been fun talking about food and cooking with Ed. He seems to have embraced Damn Good Food completely.  He points out here that he promised three installments and I am going to warn you ahead of time that I have extended it to four. Mostly because it is a little too long for one sitting, but partly because I can go two nights without blogging.

I promised you three installments and do not want to leave you in the middle of a story.  From my previous blogs you know that I found a connection between my favorite restaurants and Mitch Omer.  Before I continue I need to tell you that based on a recent Hell’s Kitchen blog post I found out that I had an additional connection, the Lincoln Deli.  My first taste of NY deli food.  I came to love their pastrami and matzoh ball soup.  I remember my father taking me there for this great food and continuing to go back well into the late 70’s.

After a weekend of Damn Good Food the first thing I did when I returned from the Twin Cities was check the mushroom encrusted quiche recipe to see what quantity of morels I would need for the quiche, 10 ounces.  Then I rushed to the internet to see where I could get the morels,  they were still in season so I started to place the order and then looked at the shipping price – DAMN shipping was more then the cost of the morels, which were not cheap.  A quick calculation showed me I could get enough for 2 quiches and also the morel omelets for just a little more, so I pushed the button and waited.  While I waited I began to read Damn Good Food, really reading a cookbook.  This is not any normal cookbook, this is the story of a man’s life funny, tragic and uplifting.  It was here that I discovered my long lost connection to Mitch Omer.  He had been the chef at most of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities.  At last I had found the person who had presented me with so many memorable meals and good times.

While waiting for the morels to arrive I decided to try a recipe from the cookbook.  I chose scrambled eggs, I mean really I have been making scrambled eggs for 60 years.  In the early days I used milk in the eggs, but found it too watery and so switched to just eggs and have been very happy with the results.  So I tried Mitch’s approach and used heavy cream – WOW! what a difference.  I was sold on this new approach to scrambled eggs.  They we much lighter and fluffier than I had ever made.   If you have never tried it I highly recommend it.

The morels arrived and I made the quiche and invited some friends over.  I should say I rarely invite people over to try something I have never made, but this couple is different, almost everything she makes is new so I figured it would work.  I had a little trouble with the mix fitting into the recommended 9 inch pie pan and it took much longer to cook that the cookbook indicated, but the results were excellent.

Everyone raved about it, and our friends who almost never take seconds on anything both went back for more.  It also turns out he does not like mushrooms so I am glad I never told him about the morels until after the meal.  We talked about the cookbook and I mentioned the Jerk Burgers, he loves spicy food so we agreed that once I had it together we would have them over for the Jerk Burgers.

When Mike made the Jerk Burgers for us in Florida he used bottled wet jerk seasoning.  Try as I might I could not find it in any of the stores, so I was forced to resort to the recipe and made the wet jerk seasoning from scratch.  I heeded Mitch’s warning about the peppers and put on gloves to cut them.  I also learned this the hard way, at one time I grew Thai peppers and when I cut them up I would burn for hours and nothing would take the burn away.  Mike had given me some of the dry Jerk Seasoning he had made so I was set.  I was going to do them with turkey since my wife does not eat anything with a hoof.  I also doubted I could find Bison in the local stores.  To my surprise I found Bison so I got Bison and turkey and made both.  The results were again excellent and everyone raved about the food.  I also found that putting the butter into the Bison was a great idea and intend to do that the next time I do turkey burgers because they usually come out too dry.

This meal lead to a discussion of what was next and we settled on the Jumbo Shrimp with Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce.  While waiting until we were all going to be in town again, I made another quiche and froze it after I cooked it.  I also used the remaining morels to make the morel omelet, another hit.  Upon reheating, the quiche was as good as it was when we had it fresh.

 …And that is enough for now. In the next installment Ed talks about my family’s visit out to Cape Cod and we cook Scallops with Truffle Hollandaise Sauce together.

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  1. September 8, 2011 3:13 pm

    Fresh views make for fresher posts!

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