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August 25, 2011

Definition of Guest Blog: A Blog written by a guest author enabling me to slack off for another day.

Kira’s Dad, Ed, missed out on an introduction for his first installment because I was on blogcation when I uploaded it. Ed and I have been breaking bread for over 20 years. The first time being when I ate dinner at his house in Tokyo before I was even dating his daughter. Later on when Kira and I were first married we would look forward to Ed visiting us in Los Angeles because he always had some great restaurant that he  wanted to share with us (and he usually paid). The one that stays in my mind the most was a place called 12 Washington and it was amazing. Ed knows good food and I am pretty happy that he has been enjoying the blog and the food that goes with it. Here is the second post of three(?) about how he got involved with Damn Good Food.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a intense relationship with the food of Mitch Omer in the mid 70’s.  After that the connection was lost until Mike began his cooking odyssey.  Even then I did not realize that this was the person who’s food I loved.  I watched Mike’s blog with a passing interest and saw many of the meals he made.

We were in Disney with Mike and crew in March and Mike did two recipes from Damn Good Food, the blinis which were very good and delivered to our room at 11 PM, and the Jerk burgers which were over the top.  Mike had also brought a copy of Damn Good Food to give to his friend Jim and I eagerly paged through it.  I did not however read the first 60 pages so I still had no idea that I had actually rediscovered Mitch Omer.

I was going to the Twin Cities in June and mentioned to Kira that I hoped we were going to go to Hell’s Kitchen while I was there, and she assured me that we would go. When I got to the Twin Cities I found out that Mike was doing a fundraiser for the school and I was invited to attend.  The meal was a non-stop wonder, bison sausage, bison sausage bread, peanut butter, Mahnomin porridge and huevos rancheros.  I think this meal must have contained about 10 recipes from Damn Good Food.  I was a very happy camper, but still did not know the connection to my past.

For Father’s day they took me to Hell’s Kitchen for brunch – at 8 AM.  I had the egg Benedict with bison sausage, bison sausage bread and peanut butter.  Again a home run.  I also bought a large jar of peanut butter to bring home with me.  Mike and Kira also gave me a copy of Damn Good Food, so now I could start to explore further.  But I still did not know about the connection that Mitch and I had.

That night Mike was doing one of his new recipes and I was invited to have dinner with them.  It was the mushroom encrusted quiche.  BINGO! A trifecta, three Hell’s Kitchen meals and three true winners.  The quiche was probably the best recipe I had experienced for Damn Good Food.  I knew that I would start making some of the recipes from Damn Good Food, starting with the quiche.

We also discussed the fact that Mike and family were coming to the Cape for the family reunion in August and what he should make while he was there.  We settled on pan seared scallops with truffle Hollandaise sauce.  And so the preparation began.  As I departed the Twin Cities I was well fed and in total awe of the food that Mike was making and eager to get into Damn Good Food to see which of the recipes I wanted to make, after I did the quiche.  The reconnection with Mitch Omer still eluded me.  I will tell you what happened after I started into Damn Good Food in a future post.

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  1. August 29, 2011 11:33 am

    Great guest blog – and plan!

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