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Ice Cream in Hell

July 30, 2011

Today for our ice cream treat we left the neighborhood and went into the big city. There is a little place that I like to go to that has best desserts and they will serve all of them with an extra scoop of ice cream. I am of course talking about Hell’s Kitchen. Typically when we eat in hell I am too full to even think about dessert, which is a shame because the dessert menu is just as fantastic as the rest of their food. They have a pastry chef on staff who designs amazing cupcakes. Today we went to the restaurant with the intention of just getting ice cream. They have three flavors of craft ice cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, and Habanero-Mango. It is that last flavor that enticed me to drive over to Minneapolis just to have an afternoon snack. The enticement for Kira was this:

The Chimi Beast

The Hell’s Kitchen brunch special for the weekend, a Breakfast Chimichanga. If you have ever had the Huevos Rancheros at HK then you have an idea how good this tasted. It was a lot like the Huevos, with many of the same ingredients (Spicy Black Beans, Pineapple Salsa, scrambled eggs) all rolled up and deep fried. It was friggin’ amazing. But that isn’t what I traveled to hell for today. Kira ate most of the Chimi Beast (as we dubbed it because of its hugeness) with just a little help from me and Melanie.

Max and I ordered just straight iced cream and we were served these large mugs full of Chocolate (Max) and Habenero-Mango (me). Sarah ordered the Awesome Brownie Bonanza (sorry no picture) and Melanie got the Turtle Cheesecake with a scoop of Vanilla. I was lucky enough to get a taste of the cheesecake and it was pretty damn delicious.

The Habanero-Mango ice cream did not disappoint. The menu describes it as having a fire and ice kick. They do not lie. With the first bite you get the luscious taste of creamy mango immediately followed by the fiery habanero. The balance of heat and cream worked well as long as I kept eating. I didn’t have to gulp it down , but as each bit of ice cream melted in my mouth the heat from the chili infusion would start to increase. Another bite of ice cream would cool down my mouth only to start burning again as it melted. It was a hellishly divine experience that I highly recommend.

Damn Good Quip of the Day: Remember the Ala mode!

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  1. August 3, 2011 6:50 am

    Awesome title!

  2. Dad permalink
    July 31, 2011 6:49 am

    Obviously any Christmas clothing gifts will need to be a size or two larger than last year!

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