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All Aboard For Ice Cream

July 29, 2011

We have been going to Java Train to get ice cream for years. I have to confess that back before they expanded into the second half of the shop I used to dream about opening a book store in combination with the eclectic neighborhood coffee shop they had put together. It was a retail space for artsy/crafty type stuff, but I guess that didn’t work out. When we started going to Java Train the ice cream was from Izzy’s (another great neighborhood place we love), but at some point they switched to Sebastian Joe’s – which is a fine purveyor of craft ice cream, but it is across the river so we have never been there. Really with all the choices we have on this side of the Mississippi, why would we? Besides we can sample their ice cream at Java Train when we feel the need. After they made the switch we were afraid they would do away with the Izzy scoop that allows you to get a taste of that second flavor when you can’t make up your mind. Luckily they knew there would be riots so they replaced the Izzy with the Itsy scoop. Crisis averted.

Our ice cream experience tonight at Java Train was not the best. I think they were having some trouble with their freezer and all the ice cream was melting or had melted and refrozen. Because of this the ice cream was eaten very quickly and I am not sure what most of our clan ordered. I do know that Kira got the key lime sorbet as her main scoop (and some sort of pecan lemon thing for her itsy) . The sorbet had not fared well through the freezer issues and it was sort of like eating barely flavored ice. I got the key lime sorbet for my itsy so I should know. Very disappointing.

I set my scoop down so I could pay.

For my main scoop I got Chocolate Raspberry Truffle which was NOT a disappointment. It was a great flavor and even though I had to eat it fast because it was dripping when the barista handed it to me I thought it was one of the best flavors I’ve tasted in some time. It should be said that none of the kids complained about their ice cream and we usually have nothing bad to say.

One of the things I like about Java Train is how much they have embraced social media and how early on they did so. Java Train was one of the first places I frequented to set up a Facebook Page and a Twitter Feed. And they use those channels to tell people what is going on and why they should stop by. They are able to charge 50% more for their ice cream than other places because they have a nice unique setting in the Como Lake area, but they have also done a great job of cultivating the Java Train experience. They know their bread and butter is the families that live in the neighborhood. They cater to those customers with an outdoor patio that includes toys and a play area. There is even a small place indoors for kids to climb around.

They also serve coffee and food.  [Editor’s note – that was a throw away line for comedic effect. The coffee and food at Java Train is quite delicious and the selection is always interesting. They are also starting the process to serve beer and wine. So there’s that. ]

Damn Good Montessori Fun Fact #87: Elementary School Montessori teachers have memorized more lessons about English Grammar and Mathematics than you can possibly imagine.

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  1. August 3, 2011 6:51 am

    Very cool place!

  2. July 30, 2011 7:06 am

    i follow them on twitter. their tweets always make me hungry.

    i am trying to figure out how your family eats so much ice cream and yet stays so slender. it must be all that running and bicycling….

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