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An Unexpected Party

July 16, 2011

Tonight I made ribs for a lot of people. They were delicious, but here are the Top 10 things I would do differently.

10. Not Make them. People would have enjoyed Caribbean Jerk Burgers just as much and I’ve made those before.

9. Cook less of them. I based my estimating on what a thought typical portion was for one person and multiplied by the number of people who were camping with us. The only problem is that after six months of the Mike/Mitch project my idea of a typical portion is a little skewed.

8. Write my blog ahead of time so I am not under the gun to get it finsihed and get back to everyone at the campground.

7. Cook them the weekend before. The ribs take about three hours to prepare a batch and I made 4 batches in three days. I usually started late in the evening after dinner which meant I was up stupid late making ribs.

6. Make a small batch of spicy BBQ sauce for those of us who enjoy such things. I toned down the recipe so everyone would enjoy the meal, but it only occurred to me as I was sitting there that I would have had different  some add on sauce.

5. Remember to bring the camera with pictures of cooking ribs over the fire home with me when I comeback to blog. [Pictures below are provided via email. Isn’t it great living in the future.]

4. I would not volunteer to drive home and get my daughter because this requires driving which put a serious cramp on my ability to drink beer. I remembered this after I opened my second beer and stopped drinking. Such a Crime.

3. Eat a smaller breakfast and lunch. I ate my share of the Barbecued Ribs, but I forgot to pace myself. Rookie mistake.  In my defense there were Banana Walnut Pancakes and Blueberry pancakes.  I had to try both.

2. Provide Wet Wipes for everyone. (Alright I actually did do this one, but I just wanted an excuse to write about how much forethought I showed by bring a box of wet wipes to a rib dinner.)

And the number one thing I would have done differently when cooking ribs for 25 people is

1.Try and think of a way to connect making spare ribs to my blog theme ahead of time. I tried three different approaches and they just fell flat. Hobbits and food – that should be a no-brainer right? If I had it to do over I would have dressed as Gandalf just so I had something good to write about.

I can tell you one thing I would NOT do differently and that is cook this dinner with my friend David. He got the fire going hot enough to sear the ribs while mine was still fizzling with wet wood. He also cooked about half of them while I ran around getting the utensils and delivered done ribs to the hungry masses. And his wife, made a batch of Mitch’s Garlic Coleslaw to eat as a side.

Best Damn Wizardly Movie Line Ever: I am Ergo the magnificent. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision.

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  1. July 18, 2011 1:19 pm

    This blog rocks! Well-written post, sir!

  2. July 17, 2011 9:16 am

    Sounds like a blast! I think David could probably appreciate the fact you didn’t dress up as Gandalf…. although to be honest all of us would find it quite hilarious.

    Turns out my whole “cooking blog” this isn’t going to work out. My sister took the camera with her to camp this week 😦 Maybe later this summer.

    I always enjoy reading yours, though!

  3. July 17, 2011 2:51 am

    Sounds great fun.I also enjoy barbecue with my family,


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