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Star Spangled Nothing

July 5, 2011

Recently I’ve done well with planning what I want to blog about ahead of time. As an example I have a plan for the next seven days and for the past six days. For those of you good at math you may realize that means I have nothing to write about tonight. I really was hoping to avoid adding another blog post about not having anything to blog about to the blogosphere, but here we are. I suppose in the grand American tradition I will just punt. We are supposed to be good at thinking on our feet, right?

In no particular order, here are some random thoughts going through my head on this post Independence Day.

Steven Gould‘s new book, 7th Sigma, came out today and I was able to acquire a copy. Mr Gould is in my top 10 list of authors. He is most famous for writing Jumper, which was turned into a movie set in the same world, but with a different story. I was a Gould fan pre-Jumper so it is sort of like knowing about the cool band everyone likes before they do.

Goldfish are indeed the snack that smiles back.

I have an idea for a short story where brain eating zombies show up to Earth. After watching all of our Zombie focused movies and television they are quite disappointed it isn’t the Zombie paradise they were promised. Thus begins the Zombie Apocalypse as an Alien Invasion.  Kind of a Night of the Living V type thing. (If I see this movie come out next year I am going to wish I’d put a copyright on this blog.)

SpaghettiO’s are made by Franco-American – shouldn’t Italy be in there somewhere? On second thought perhaps not.

We got a ticket for expired tabs on our van, but the DMV is closed until further notice. That is messed up. Can we vote to eject all standing state representatives, senators and Governor as a single slate? I don’t care what side of the fence you are on they all failed at their job and deserve to be fired.

Graham crackers and key lime curd make for a great snack.

Who was the first person to decide to eat a mushroom? I’m guessing they didn’t even have butter to fry it in.

I just figured out it is 42 days until I leave on vacation. Which is significantly longer than I would have said off the top of my head. That might not be good.

How do they know that killing off all the mosquitoes would create an ecological disaster if they don’t try it? I understand they are a great source of food for bats, but I’m willing to risk losing bats too.

Didn’t I just say I was going to try to get to bed earlier so I am not so tired all the time. Yes, yes I did.

Good night.

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