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Tic Tac Dough

May 27, 2011

I made pretzels tonight mostly because I wanted to check another Damn Good recipe off my list. I like soft pretzels, but I wasn’t overly excited about them – my mistake. In addition to being not too hard to make they were delicious.

First I had to make the dough which is just flour, sugar, salt, water and some yeast to make it rise. Mostly flour.  I filled the stand mixer with the flour and salt mixture and then made a well in the middle to pour the yeasty water into. Mix for 8 or 9 minutes. I had to add a few tablespoons more of water to get the right consistency and I had to stop the mixer a few times to pull the dough off of the paddle. I should have used the dough hook, but that didn’t occur to me until just now.

After letting the dough rise for an hour I rolled it out into 8 sticks. I didn’t account for the rising time and thus Max went to bed again with the smell of something baking.

They had to rise again for a few minutes and then I rolled them into longer pieces and twisted them into pretzels. I found a video on YouTube that showed how to do the twist. I would not say I am an expert or anything, but I did get the hang of it after watching the video a couple of times.

I twisted all eight of them and then let them rise again for 15 minutes. I dipped them all into a solution of water and baking soda, sprinkled liberally with sea salt, and then popped them into the oven. They only take about 10 minutes to bake with a rotation half way through. They came out golden brown and warm.

Now for the best part. Way back in January I made Annie’s Mustard. It takes a few months to set so I haven’t used any of it until today. I took a quick test last week when I remembered that it was ready, but this was the first time I’ve put it on food. It was almost painfully tangy. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a mustard quite like it. It seemed like a cross between wasabi and regular yellow mustard. I loved it.

Recipe #92: Hot Damn Buttered Pretzels

Damn Funny Quote of the Day: Daddy is a pretty good cook….so far.  – Max, a pretty good son

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  1. May 30, 2011 9:21 am

    Awesome! Great title, too.

  2. Dad permalink
    May 28, 2011 2:36 pm

    They look good–just have to teach you to stretch them length wise to make them look like those sold on the streets at home! Add them to the November menu–they’ll be particular good on a nice chilly fall day right out of the oven. (speaking of which–ours died after a short 15 year life. New one bought and installed yesterday–feel free to come help break it in.)

  3. Kira permalink
    May 28, 2011 7:56 am

    Max’s comments as he was eating a pretzel for breakfast this morning: Awesome! I guess you keep your cook status for awhile longer anyway.

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