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Name That Tune

May 27, 2011

I set out a couple of hours ago to write a nice blog post about my daughter’s concert and share a few snippets of the music. It was a great concert. There was a lot of talent up on the stage and you could tell the kids were enjoying themselves. I do have one snippet to share with you, it is my daughter Melanie singing a solo part on the first song of the night for her choir. Her voice started their portion of the concert. It’s quite ethereal and light so you may need to turn up your volume for 30 seconds.

Now let me walk you through all the steps it took to bring you this. I’ll begin by saying it is completely worth it because everyone should know what a beautiful voice Melanie has. Also I am guessing if you have the right equipment and the right applications this is a piece of cake. I had neither.

Step 1: Have idea for blog tonight to share some of the concert.
Step 2: Download Recording App, SpeakEasy, on the way to the concert.
Step 3: Hold up iPhone for most of concert, stopping and starting between songs to create distinct files.
Step 3.14: Enjoy concert.
Step 4: Listen to pieces of the songs on the way home in the van and be unimpressed with sound quality.
Step 5: Enjoy hearing Kira laugh on recording during choir’s rendition of When I was a Lad from HMS Pinafore.
Step 6: Start to think about how to get recordings off my iPhone
Step 7: Connect iPhone to computer for the first time
Step 8: !@#$% iTunes.
Step 9: Figure out that in order to register iPhone with my !@#$% iTunes library that I will need to wipe all the apps off first.
Step 10: !@#$% iTunes.
Step 11: Consult the Googles.
Step 12: Discover that there is a utility called SpeakEasy Connect that will allow me to get recordings off of my phone. Can be obtained from app developer at
Step 13: Discover that the website for does not exist and possibly never did.
Step 14: Consult the Googles.
Step 15: Discover Utility called iPhone Browser that other folks have used to get SpeakEasy recordings off of their phone.
Step 16: Download and install iPhone Browser:
Step 17: Discover that iPhone Browser only works on jailbroke iPhone
Step 18: Ask Melanie if she will sing solo for me to record. She surprisingly agreed (sort of), but was concerned that it would not sound the same without her choir and orchestra backing her up.
Step 19: While waiting for Melanie I decide to play the solo on my iPhone and record the recoding on my computer’s microphone. It won’t sound great, but who cares at this point I just want to have something to add to the blog.
Step 20: Try to upload .wma file to WordPress.
Step 21: Discover that .wma is not a supported format.
Step 22: Convert file to .wav file.
Step 23: .wav file won’t upload. Hmmm… Maybe it is a bad conversion?
Step 24: Consult the Googles.
Step 24: Pay $2.99 for SpeakEasy Pro iPhone App.
Step 25: Email 16 .m4a audio files to myself.
Step 26: Snip out 30 seconds of Melanie’s solo
Step 27: Try to upload Solo.m4a file.
Step 28: Solo.m4a file won’t upload even though it is in list of acceptable formats.
Step 29: Actually read upload page.
Step 30: Discover that I can only upload audio files if I upgrade my WordPress account
Step 31: Consult Googles to find an audio hosting site like YouTube, but for Audio.
Step 32: Find a interesting site called which seems to have the functionality I am looking for.
Step 33: Sign up for Free account.
Step 34: Try to upload Solo.m4a.
Step 35: Discover that Houndbite only accepts .mp3 files
Step 36: Convert Solo.m4a to Solo.mp3
Step 37: Get obscure javascript error trying to upload Solo.mp3
Step 38: Try uploading in Internet Explorer (was using Chrome) get same error
Step 39: Decide that Houndbite is almost as useless as !@#$% iTunes.
Step 40: Consult the Googles
Step 41: Decide that I will just use YouTube to embed the sound clip.
Step 42: Yup, YouTube only accepts video files
Step 43: Open Windows Movie Maker and reacquaint myself. I used to love Windows Movie Maker when we had our first video camera.
Step 44: Browse through pictures from 2006 Colorado trip and find a nice background image for “video.”
Step 45: Spend a few minutes figuring out how to get entire clip to play and not just first 7 seconds.
Step 46: Create Video as MelSolo.wmv
Step 47: Create YouTube account.
Step 48: Discover that YouTube WILL accept .wmv format. Score one for YouTube.
Step 49: Upload Solo.wmv to YouTube
Step 50: Embed YouTube video in this blog post.

Basically it’s a simple 50 step process.

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  1. May 28, 2011 8:01 am

    what did we ever do without The googles?

  2. May 27, 2011 9:01 pm

    It was worth it. She has a beautiful voice! Thank you for taking all that time and trouble to share it with us.

  3. May 27, 2011 10:08 am

    Great song.I’m sure that you are happy to hear your daughter’s song because I’m same.

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