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Come with me if you want to eat

May 22, 2011

A Long time ago in a kitchen far,

far away…

Ta ma de.” The Captain uttered the Mandarin curse under his breath as the Imperial Alliance Star Destroyer closed in. He and his ragtag crew had managed to avoid detection for some time by hiding in an asteroid belt, but they couldn’t stay there forever. It didn’t seem fair how they always ended up in these situations.

A week ago they had touched down on Jiangyin and had wound up in a a hole in the wall cantina looking for their next job. They turned down some farm boy and an old man with a sob story about saving a Princess, but took a right juicy job delivering cargo to one of the border planets. He didn’t know what was in the shipping container and he didn’t really care. He had a great pilot who could do the kessel run in 11 parsecs so getting to the outskirts with some cargo of mysterious origin should be no problem. The Captain may not know what the cargo was, but he knew that their employer, Hahn, ran the best restaurant on the planet. People came from all over the galaxy to eat the Sweet Ginger and Lemon Chicken. The chicken is stir fried and cooked in a sweet ginger and lemon sauce that is to die for. Along with a heaping serving of rice everyone on the crew shoveled two bowls of the stuff into their mouth with their chopsticks. The farm boy ordered the same dish, but he must have had trouble with the chopsticks because the Captain overheard the old men telling him to “Use the Fork.”

It seemed like other than the three bounty hunters who were chasing them and the high incidence of crew members getting eaten by chest-bursting aliens, the crew of the DGB (Damn Good Battlestar) had finally caught a break. It was a good day to be the Captain. With this job they could all retire to Risa and live out their days in style. They brought the cargo on board and plotted a course for the outer rim. On the journey the crew got curious and one of the young ensigns decided to open the cargo container. When he opened it the case exploded and the ensign and his red shirt were thrown across the cargo hold.

The cargo turned out to be a data cube with the recipe for the Hahn Pollo. [too much?] It wasn’t easy, but they managed to reach the outer rim and were on the verge of collecting their pay when the Imperial Alliance found them. They punched to warp drive and escaped only to be find the Cruiser waiting for them at the other end. Some fast flying through an asteroid belt bought them some time, but now they had to come up with a plan. The Captain knew what he had to do. He implanted the data cube in a Droid and sent it back in time to find Sarah Connor and prevent the leader of the Imperial Alliance from ever being born. The process for time reversal is very dangerous and he knew the radiation would kill whoever entered the time chamber. It was now his fate and he accepted it because he know that sometimes the needs of the Hungry outweighed the needs of the few or the Cook. It turned out the Sweet Ginger and Lemon Chicken really was worth dying for.

Damn Good Blog Titles that I rejected: Third Wok From the Sun, Soylent Green is Chicken, Open the Kitchen Bay Doors Hal and There is no Try Only Cook

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  1. May 24, 2011 10:12 am

    More movie/food fun served piping hot. I love it!

  2. May 23, 2011 5:50 am

    Great story. Love the Star Trek/Star Wars combo.

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