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Ketchup from Hell

May 16, 2011

This recipe is aptly named. Not sure about the flavor yet because I am still cooking, but it has been a trial to make. I thought ketchup would be simple. Boil some tomatoes with some salt and maybe some other spices and throw it in the fridge. Now I know better. I think the number 57 in Heinz57 stood for the number of ingredients. I got all the ingredients last week when I went shopping, but I neglected to read through the recipe. This recipe requires cheesecloth to make a bouquet garni. Which is a fancy name for a bunch of spices wrapped in cheesecloth. I did some quick research and found that I could use a coffee filter, but that they sometimes break. I had time so I ran up to the grocery store to get some real cheesecloth. No luck. I went forward with the coffee filter and I think it is going to be fine. Next pitfall –  I am supposed to use a double boiler. I know we have one, but it is buried in all of our Christmas stuff because that is the only time of year it gets used. That could easily kill an hour just to dig out so I jury rig something and while it was working ok, a lot of heat was escaping so it was taking a long time to cook. After about an hour I gave up on the makeshift double boiler and just poured everything into a nonstick pot and stirred often. I was already stirring a lot in the boiler anyway. I figure the point is just don’t burn the sugars and the nonstick and the stirring should be enough. [I am writing this entry on my phone between stirring so I can keep an eye on things.] When I started this recipe tonight, many hours ago, I thought “how fancy, a bouquet garni.” I was excited to write about something new and very chef-like. Now I am just tired and I want to be done.

The punchline is that I don’t even really like ketchup. I am more of a mustard guy.

Recipe #88: Ketchup from Hell

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  1. May 24, 2011 10:23 am

    Ketchup is from heaven, good sir. It rocks!

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