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Shrimp Lisabeth

May 13, 2011

Friday afternoon and work is done (or at least forgotten) until Monday. I have one thing to do before I get home. I have to buy shrimp. Preferably really large, fresh shrimp. I called my favorite seafood supplier, Coastal Seafoods, but they only had frozen. Coastal isn’t really on the way and I decide I can get frozen shrimp anywhere. I pulled up  a list of grocery stores near work and a place comes up called Fruit and Fish. Perfect. I drive over and when I get there I realize it isn’t going to work. It probably should have been called плод and рыба since it was a really cool Russian grocery store. They did have fish there, but it was mostly dried fish. Grey in color and looking very Slavic. If I had more time I would have looked around, but they did not have shrimp so I left. This delayed me enough that I conceded that I would just go with frozen. I ran across the street to a large chain grocer and got a bag of large frozen shrimp (or at least the largest they had). The shrimp were not as big as Mitch instructed, but if I wanted to eat before midnight I had to keep moving. I was kind of looking forward to getting the colossal size shrimp, but I’ll have to save that experience for another day.

I rushed home and started making the best damn shrimp dish I have ever had. First I had to thaw the shrimp and coat it with my homemade curry powder.

While the shrimp was absorbing the curry flavor I dealt with the coconut. That is a story on its own, but I’ll save it for another day. Suffice it to say I got the coconut open and was able to pour the juice into the simmering shrimp.

I was a little nervous cooking the shrimp because it is very easy to over cook. With all of the curry powder, using the color of the shrimp to determine doneness wasn’t the easiest thing. In the end I took Mitch’s advice and cooked them less than I thought I needed to. They kept cooking in the pan while I boiled the pasta, which must have been the right amount of time.

Earlier, as I was driving home in Friday traffic with my bag of shrimp thawing beside me I thought that dinner was going to be very late. Luckily once we got past the coconut things moved very quickly and we sat down before 7:30. After plating the three bowls of noodles, shrimp and chutney (younger kids were not interested) I sat down and took my first bite of Shrimp Lisabeth.

Man, that is good stuff. You might even say Damn Good. The curry was spicy, but the butter and chutney cut through the spice just enough to keep your mouth from burning off. The noodles were just the right consistency and with all the butter who cared if they were made from spinach. I am going to wait a couple days so the buzz can wear off, but I may have to declare this one my favorite flavor in Damn Good Food. It was, without a doubt, delicious.

Recipe #87: Shrimp Lisabeth

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: …this is a beautiful dish for any celebration, like Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, or making bail.


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