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Halfway Home

April 21, 2011

The simple recipe of homemade syrup marks the halfway point of the Mike/Mitch Project. At least if we are counting recipes. I suspect we are not halfway on number of days to complete the cook book. By some coincidence I have made many of the recipes that contain more than one sub-recipe. While it seems like most of the recipes have sub-recipes There are about 40 main course recipes left that don’t have a sub-recipe that I haven’t already made.

The syrup is pretty basic, but after reading about the variations of water to glue that Mitch’s dad would produce I was a little concerned. My first batch was a little thin, but I was being cautious. I believe it will be easier to use the syrup if it is too thin vs. too thick. I may try an make this again before Saturday and see if I get a more syrupy batch, but this batch tastes sweet and can be used to top the Fried Oatmeal if people don’t pour too fast.

The halfway point sort of crept up on me so I didn’t plan anything. I need to make sure I have a plan for the last recipe. I don’t want to go out on ketchup or baked pretzels. I’m sure those will be delicious recipes, but they don’t seem worthy of a grand finale.

Recipe #79:  Homemade Syrup

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: The old man overcooked [the syrup] one morning, rendering the mush to taffy. We could lift our plates off the table with just our forks stuck in the syrup.

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