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18th and a Half Street Market

April 21, 2011

To understand why I went to Patel’s Indian Grocery Store today you should read this first. It’s kind of long, but I’ll wait.


Good stuff right?

All of this Damn Good Food has waylaid my Butter chicken Quest, but it is not forgotten. I decided the wait is over and we will have butter chicken on Saturday. First I needed to get some supplies. I went to Patel’s (now called Little India) because I knew where it was and I knew they would have boxes of Shan Butter Chicken. I guess there are other Indian markets in the twin cities that get better ratings, but I had a successful trip.

I emptied the shelf of the Shan spice mix for butter chicken (6 boxes), I found two new butter chicken mixes, a big bag of Basmati rice, some ginger purée, a really good deal on a bag of cashews, a kit to make Paneer Makhani (a lot like Butter Chicken, but with cheese instead of chicken) , and a little cookbook  I saw as I was checking out of Indian Chicken recipes. I am pretty excited about that last one. The picture on the front is for the butter chicken recipe on page 58. It actually lists it in the book as Makhani Murg which seems promising. The first ingredient is Tandoori Chicken (see recipe , p. 46), so it felt very familiar. I can hardly wait.

Damn Circular Conversation of the Day:

Helpful Store Clerk: Can I help you find what you are looking for? (thick Indian accent)

Me: I’m looking for butter chicken spice mixes.

HSC: [Looks in my basket] You already have found the Shan butter chicken.

Me: I’m looking for other butter chicken recipes.

HCS: I will show you now.

[Takes me to empty spot on shelf where I have removed all the Shan butter chicken spice mix.]

HCS: We are out of  the butter chicken mix.

Me: Thanks.

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