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April 8, 2011

(After two days of being tired you had to know this one was going to be next.)

I can tell that I am still tired because I have even less tolerance for the little things that bug me. In no particular order some of these things are – having to stay up to write a blog, stubbing my toe, listening to Max whistle off key, having Visual Studio TFS lock up on me at work (after the 4th time I just left), having someone read over my shoulder while I stay up to write a blog, listening to Max repeat the same word over and over again because he is a robot,  trying to figure out which email alerts from work are worth paying attention to, a cat that wants me to get up every 5 minutes to let it out, listening to Max explode because he lost a game, a cat that wants to me get up every 5 minutes to let it in, a leaking ice-cube tray, the Schwann’s guy showing up right as we sit down to eat dinner (which he does every time), and mimes.

All of that is true, but to be honest I don’t feel that grumpy about it right now. Several times during the day I could feel myself getting annoyed and about to lose it, which would not be out of character for me. I manged to stay relatively calm. A couple pints of Guinness later I find myself not so grumpy.Also, I know I sort of threw Max under the bus a little there. I do love him, but he can really push my buttons. My solution for the cat is that he will just have to stay out there all night or at least until I am done typing. I lied about the last one. I don’t mind mimes they are quiet and almost never whistle off key.

Tomorrow is Lobster Tacos and I can talk about cooking again. There is has also been talk of Orange Marmalade because it seems that if there is peanut butter there should be jelly. Look for that on Sunday assuming I can find pectin powder and calcium water.

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  1. April 9, 2011 11:14 am

    The mimes just cracked me up!

  2. April 9, 2011 5:49 am

    i have friends who used to live next door to some mimes. they absolutely hated them. i can no longer recall why, but they always referred to them as “those f***ing mimes,” so now whenever i see the word “mimes” i automatically put that adjective in front of it.

    but just from your rants, i think i love Max. especially the part about being a robot.

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