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Sunday with Oscar

February 28, 2011

For the first time in ages the Oscars were entertaining. The jokes were still lame and the hosts were still wooden talking heads reading from a teleprompter, but I was with a bunch of people making fun of it all. Some friends of ours invited us to an Oscar party and I’m glad they did. It was a fun way to watch the show and I saw some people who I haven’t seen since New Year’s Eve. Also I got to knock off another damn good recipe.

This morning prior to my weekly grocery pilgrimage, Kira told me that we needed to bring an appetizer to the Oscar party. She then jokingly said I should just whip something up out Damn Good Food. She knows that I usually plan recipes for at least a week if not two. To just grab the book and cook something can be difficult and ingredients are not always easy to find. I think she was surprised when I said, “Sure. There is a Curry Dip that I can make. It requires homemade mayonnaise, but that’s easy.” I already had the homemade hot curry powder I needed so I knew it should be easy to put together. I did have to go to a second grocery store to find tarragon vinegar, but it was not too much of a hassle. I whipped up the curry dip and chopped up some vegetables. Off to the party. The curry dip had some good flavor, but I don’t think it was as delicious as I was hoping for.

It was a great Oscar party and there was a lot of great food brought by everyone. I probably ate too much, but I’m not going to be modeling anything on the red carpet any time soon so I think its OK.

When we got home I made another quick recipe, Wet Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. This is another food processor recipe with no heating required. Unless you count the heat from the habanero peppers. Mitch advises to wear gloves while handling the peppers, but I don’t have any kitchen gloves so I decided I would just be careful. I thought I did a pretty good job while cutting the peppers. There is only one little spot on my index finger that burned from the pepper’s oil. All was well until I put the cutting board and knife in the sink and turned on the hot water. The water hit the oils and seeds on the cutting board and a blast of pepper spray rose up from the sink. My eyes and throat burned and I started coughing. I asked Kira for a glass of milk to help cut the spice and it did the trick for my throat and the coughing stopped. An hour later my eyes are still a little red, but I imagine I will be fine in the morning. I can’t wait to taste the burgers this seasoning is going to make.

Recipe #48: Curry Dip

Recipe #49: Wet Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: Guys, do not handle these peppers then go to the bathroom. Those boys will be on fire, not in a good way, for what seems an eternity.

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  1. February 28, 2011 12:45 pm

    This is the second post I’ve read recently about not wearing gloves when handling pepper! I think we all have to experience the pain once before we learn our lesson.

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