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Tender Wild Rice

January 21, 2011

One of the items I am making for the brunch on Saturday is Mahnomin Porridge. Mahnomin is an Ojibwe word and directly translated it means “good berry” or “good grain”. Wild Rice isn’t even actually rice, its a an aquatic grass and looks like rice so that is what we call it. Technically it is a legume, which might explain the nutty flavor. I cooked the rice tonight and once again filled the kitchen with a nice aroma before heading off to bed (soon I hope).  Rice is essentially boiling water for an hour so I am not sure if that counts as cooking, but it is one less thing I will need to worry about on Saturday.

A bigger part of my evening was a trip to the library with Melanie and Sarah. Sarah was lamenting missing out on getting a book at the school library so I thought a trip to the Saint Paul Library was in order. Thankfully, we have one close by with an underground parking garage so the sub-zero temperatures were not a deterrent. Sarah found four or five books which is great because she’s been out of reading material for a while now. Melanie quickly grabbed a bunch of books and CD’s and then made me proud by grabbing Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days. She is participating in the First Robotics Competition with her school and they are using C++ to program the movements of the robot. It’s all very exciting.

At this point some of you may be asking what has this trip to the library got to do with cooking. Library + cooking = cookbooks. While I was there a cookbook titled The Commonsense Kitchen caught my eye. It is written by Tom Hudgens, who cooked for three years at the very interesting Deep Springs College. I read the book for about an hour tonight and I haven’t gotten to the recipes yet. The first part of the book is some background on Deep Springs and then a chapter on Kitchen Basics. The style of writing was very crisp , yet informal. I enjoyed Mr. Hudgens views on the equipment needed for cooking and I now know what the difference between unsalted and salted butter is (apart from the obvious.) I feel a little guilty for spending time with this cookbook and while I am tempted to make some of it’s recipes I will probably stay true to Damn Good Food. I think I saw Kira giving me a worried look because The Commonsense Kitchen boldly proclaims right on the cover the 500 different recipes it contains. Hmmm . . . 500 recipes – that’s less than 1.5 per day.

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: There was a meal served by Cree Indians that consisted of wild rice with nuts and berries and sweetened with maple syrup. But I decided it needed more fat, so I added heavy cream.

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  1. January 21, 2011 11:12 am

    I like your blog! I’m going to subscribe. I love to cook and don’t experiment enough. I love to bake even more, so maybe I should start there.

    ~ seashell

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